The Top Books By Markus Baker

Which is your favourite?

Author Markus Baker’s books are eclectic. They are mainly children’s books, but there are also arty books and those about how you can heal with your body with your mind. Can you think of a better word than eclectic to describe that mix of books? If so comment below.

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#1 Scoot Likes To Listen

We only learn when we listen. We can’t learn when we are speaking.

Join Scoot on a listening adventure around Calma Island to learn how to listen with your ears.

#2 Moppy Learns

Scoot shares with Moppy how to listen to others and helps us learn more about ourselves.
When Scoot needs to really concentrate and listen Scoots ears move forward.

#3 Lens, Bright Side

Lens always sees the best in everything that happens.

With Scoot and 4 balloons, Lens shows us how to be grateful for what we already have when we lose something.

#4 Ina Rush

Always rushing around makes Ina sad.

Gee and the other Mettas help Ina to pay attention, slow down and focus.

Making Ina a much happier Metta.

#5 I Don’t Want To Be A…

Do you know what job you want to do when you’re a grown up? Sam is helping Jo choose what to be.

#6 This Book Never Ends…

Looping around until someone says “PLEASE STOP READING NOW” this story will go On ‘N’ On.

#7 Cool As Duck

Finding a pair of sunglasses Danni Duck believes no one is as cool as duck.

The other animals disagree, I wonder what will happen?

#8 People R Amazing

People are Amazing is a book about individuals who are inspirational. Each showing us that skill and talent are only achieved through hard work, effort and perseverance. These unique achievements along with quotes and ideas help us realise our potential. Grow your Mind-set.

People are Amazing and so are you!

#9 Pareidolia: Faces in everyday object

If you love finding or seeing faces in everyday objects, known as Pareidolia, you will love this book. These faces were found all around the world with some being illustrated as fun cartoon characters. This book shares those faces and characters, just for you.

#10 Cycloped

Have you ever wondered if little cycloptic creatures live around us? Have you wondered what humans or animals would look like as cyclops? Have you wondered what happens if a cyclops has a poorly eye? Well wonder no more, this book answers those questions just for you. Because this book shares the work of Professor Si Klopp and her assistant Dr Von Eyid who run the world’s best fictional cosmetic clinic. Together they created they created and developed their patented ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction Surgery.

#11 Your Body, Only Better

This collection of simple and clear reasons, examples and techniques has been created to help you develop your belief in the power of your mind. A belief that you, too, can have more control than you ever thought possible over your pain, recovery and healing. This is a great starting point for anyone looking to learn more about why and, most importantly, how people can regain control of their life from pain and illness.

#12 Doorknob For A Nose

This is the story of Sam with a doorknob for a nose.
Of how the nose brings Sam such fun everywhere Sam goes.

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People R Amazing!

People R Amazing!

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