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Horses R Amazing

This list is an interactive list based on our book – Horses R Amazing! – Buy Now

This neigh perfect guide to why Horses R Amazing! shares how great horses can be.

We couldn’t fit every amazing thing horses do into this list and neither do we believe that our list can please everybody. So please do let us know what you think should or shouldn’t be on the Horses R Amazing! list.

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#1 Happier Horses

Born in 1935, Monty Roberts is a world-renowned horse trainer, who was inspired to find a kinder way to train horses after witnessing his father’s traditional methods of domesticating a horse. Unfortunately, these ways were aggressive and brutal. Monty didn’t like this and discovered his own way by using his body language, listening and responding to the horse’s behavioural feedback.

#6 Police Horses

All over the world horses are used to help with law enforcement. You may see trained police officers riding horses at sports events, protests and to protect important people. Mounted police are great at controlling large groups of people because of the horses’ size and visibility.

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