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Odd Sports R Amazing

Odd Sports R Amazing

This list is an interactive list based on our book – Odd Sports R Amazing! – Buy Now

Odd Sports R Amazing! shares how some of the most unusual activities ever.

We couldn’t fit every amazing odd sport into this little book and neither do we believe that our list can please everybody. So let us know what you think should or shouldn’t be on the Odd Sports R Amazing! list.

Upvote your favourites, Downvote the ones you don’t like and share to let the world know what you really think.

#1 Chess Boxing

As the title suggests, Chess Boxing is an eclectic mix of both chess and boxing! Opponents spar mentally as well as physically. Two competitors wear boxing attire and headphones whilst contemplating their chess moves in the middle of a boxing ring.

#2 Extreme Ironing

The idea of Extreme Ironing, also known as EI, was created out of boredom in 1997. A small act of rebellion saw Phil Shaw from Leicester in the UK, taking his ironing board into the garden.

#3 Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is believed to have been going on for hundreds of years, even dating back to pre-Roman times. It is thought to be one of the oldest customs to have survived through history in Great Britain.

#4 Worm Charming

In 1980, The World Worm Charming Championships began in the little village of Willaston in Northern England. Due to boredom, a group of people decided to compete against each other to see who could conjure worms out of the ground by tapping on the grass. Since then it has grown in popularity with competitors coming from as far as Europe to take part or spectate.

#5 Egg Throwing

The World Egg Throwing Championships take place in Swaton, England at the end of June each year. It is believed to have originated in 1322 when Swaton’s new abbot encouraged church attendance by giving out eggs. When the nearby river flooded, stopping church attendance, the monks threw the eggs over the river. Over the next 700 years the townspeople took part in the fun.

#6 Gurning Contests

Since 1267, Egremont Crab Fair has been held in mid-september to give away away crab apples. One of its main attractions is The World Gurning Championships. Gurning is a British word that means to pull an odd facial expression.

#7 Lawnmower Racing

Back in 1973, the sport of Lawnmower Racing was created with the help of a few pints in a West Sussex country pub by Jim Gavin. His interest was in creating a motorsport that didn’t involve lots of money or sponsors and that was readily accessible to all.

#8 Hobby Horsing

Similar to show jumping and dressage except the humans participants are not riding real life horses. Instead they use an imaginary one called a hobby horse, which is a wooden pole with a stuffed fabric horse head on the end.

#9 Toe Wrestling

Back in 1974 the UK did not have many World Champions. So four drinkers at the Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn in Wetton, Staffordshire decided to invent a sport that no other country knew about. Thus ensuring Great Britain would have 3 new world champions Mens, Womens and Childrens. This worked well until 1976 when a Canadian won the Men’s championship.

#10 Bo-Taoshi

Literally translated as pole bringing-down, Bo -Taoshi is a traditional Japanese game whose history is relatively unknown and somewhat mysterious. It is thought that it was first played by the Japanese military around 1945. Bo-Taoshi has the lure of combat sports with its chaotic, aggressive and speedy pace that keep the fans coming back for more.

#11 Ferret Legging

Two ferrets with razor sharp claws and teeth, check! A human wearing a pair of trousers (pants) that are tied at the bottom, check! A judge with a stopwatch, check!

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