Tea Infusers

Pop the kettle on!

In Britain whenever there is a problem, we say I’ll pop the kettle on and make a brew.

A cup of tea has solved many problems. The only issue this post aims to solve is which Tea Infuser you like or do not like. Do prefer the gimmicky ones or the purely functional designs? Have we missed an infuser off our list? Is there one on our list that you feel shouldn’t be? Let us know below.

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#6 Flower Fine Mesh Tea Infuser

Designed to be practical not just beautiful or attractive. The truly fine mesh helps you to filter all types of tea, including superfine tea that get through other tea balls or tea diffusers.
The unique HANGING DESIGN makes it possible to hang on cups & mugs of different sizes. Simply fill tea, twist to close, steep with hot water and then get a cup of fresh full.

#14 Unicorn Tea Infuser

Unique design- make your silicone tea steeper fix at the edge of cups. Don't bother with fishing; Easy to clean - Silicone tea steeper can be washed with hot water, or put it in the dishwasher; Transparent-You can see the number of tea, which is convenient for you to better maintain the taste of tea.

#17 Skull Tea Infuser

This skull-shaped tea infuser brews you a nice of tea.
Fill with loose-leaf black, green, chai or any other of your favourite teas, then submerge it in your cup.
When you've got the perfect brew, use the crossbones to pull the infuser out. The skull rests on the crossbones when not in use too.

#24 Octopus Tea Infuser

It's not an octopus in your tea, it's just Fred's OCTEAPUS.
Get his head filled with your favourite tea blend, green tea or black tea, then send him down the depths of your cup...
... where he'll begin to infuse your water with the delicate flavours of loose-leaf tea.
This tea infuser is made of sturdy food-safe .

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