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Sharks R Amazing

This list is an interactive list based on our book – Sharks R Amazing! – Buy Now

This shiveringly good guide to why Sharks R Amazing! shares how great sharks can be.

We couldn’t fit every amazing thing sharks do into this little book and neither do we believe that our list can please everybody. So let us know what you think should or shouldn’t be on the Sharks R Amazing! list

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#1 More Deadly Than sharks

We tend to imagine that sharks are one of the most deadly animals to humans because we hear a lot about them attacking. This, however, is not true.

#2 Extra Senses

Along with vision, taste, hearing, touch and a great sense of
smell, sharks have two additional senses called electroreception and lateral lines.

#3 Hammerheads

With its unique shaped head, it is easy to see why they are called Hammerhead sharks.

#4 How old?

Working out the age of a shark is said to be similar to the way that you can tell how old a tree is, by counting the number of rings on the tree’s stump.

#5 Shark Tagging

Through connecting a tracking tag to the dorsal fin of a shark and then releasing it back into their natural habitat, researchers can start to learn more about these amazing and secretive animals.

#6 No Sharks?

Shockingly around 25% of all shark species are at risk of extinction, which means they could disappear forever.

#7 Lifesaver

Eugene continued to struggle with pain caused by the shark attack so he visited his local doctor who discovered a stage one walnut-sized tumour on his right kidney.

#8 Giving Birth

There are many odd traits when it comes to sharks giving birth.

Whilst still in the womb, some baby sharks even fight and eat their siblings.

#9 Dolphins and Sharks

Some surfers and open water swimmers have believed that if you see dolphins, there will be no sharks in the same area. Shark expert, Andrew Nosal, debunked this.

#10 Shark’s Friend

The shark attack resulted in the amputation of Krishna’s leg. You may imagine that Krishna has a dislike of sharks for what one did to him, but you would be incorrect. For he is now a shark advocate who raises the profile of how their preservation is so important to keep the whole ocean in balance.

#11 Swim Like A Shark

In 2004, NASA scientists and researchers looked to develop a swimsuit to help us swim faster. They chose to replicate the skin of a shark to reduce the friction and drag of the swimmer.

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