Little Miss Characters

Just like the Mr Men we remember some of these characters, but which are your favourites? Have we missed any Little Misses off who you think you should be on our list? Is there one that you feel most definitely should be on our list?

Let us know by upvote the ones you like and downvote the ones you are not so keen on.

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Our favourite is Little Miss Inventor because of the positive image it can give girls who are reading this book. This is very important to us at R Amazing and our mother company We demonstrate this by ensuring all the children’s storybooks we create are illustrated and written in a gender-neutral way. Helping any child to identify with any character in a way which is best for them.

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#1 Little Miss Inventor

It's time to meet a new Little Miss who is intelligent, ingenious and inventive. Little Miss Inventor is as bright as a button. In fact she's as bright as two buttons and can invent the most extraordinary things for her friends. But her greatest challenge yet has her stumped, what on earth could she invent for Mr Rude?!

#8 Little Miss Tiny

Little Miss Tiny is quite the tiniest person you'll ever meet. She's even smaller than Mr Small! But being tiny doesn't mean you can't have a big heart!

#14 Little Miss Princess

Little Miss Princess lives in a castle with turrets and a moat, and she has lots of people to do things for her. But Little Miss Princess isn't rude or spoilt. One day, she decides to help an injured Mr. Bump, but as you can imagine, Little Miss Princess isn't used to doing things herself, so everything doesn't quite go to plan...

#16 Little Miss Hug

Little Miss Hug is an expert hugger. More than anything else, she loves to hug her friends and make them feel better. And there are times when she hugs just for the fun of it. After all, everyone needs a hug, don't they?

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