Pig Breeds

Like dogs and Cats, there are many breeds of pigs.

This is our list of our favourite pig breeds, we are not experts on this subject and are basing it mainly on the looks and what we think their personality would be like.

You may know more about pig breeds than we do, if you do, great, let us know more! If not please do still share your thoughts.

Do you feel we have missed any pig breeds off our list? Is there any on our list that you feel should not be? Let us know, we love to hear your views, opinions and comments.

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#1 Göttingen Minipig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Gottingen Minipig

The Göttingen minipig is a breed of small swine. The Göttingen minipig is the smallest domestic pig breed known in the world; as an adult, they weigh around 35 kg.
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#2 Bentheim Black Pied Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Bentheim Black Pied Pig

The Bentheim Black Pied, also known as Schwarz-Wesses or Buntes Bentheimer Schwein, is a rare breed of domestic pig in Germany. The breed originated in Bentheim, Germany, in the early 20th century, when local breeds were crossed with Berkshire and Cornwalls.
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#3 Oxford Sandy and Black

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Oxford Sandy and Black Pig

The Oxford Sandy and Black is a breed of domestic pig originating in Oxfordshire. Named for its colour, which is a base of sandy brown with black patches, the breed is also sometimes called the "Plum Pudding" or "Oxford Forest pig."
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#4 Red Wattle Hog

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Red Wattle Hog

The Red Wattle hog is a breed of domestic pig originating in the United States. It is named for its red colour and distinctive wattles or tassels, and is on the threatened list of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
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#5 Gloucestershire Old Spots

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Gloucestershire Old Spots

The Gloucestershire Old Spots is an English breed of pig which is predominantly white with black spots. It is named after the county of Gloucestershire. The Gloucestershire Old Spots pig is known for its docility, intelligence, and prolificity. Boars reach a mature weight of 600 lb and sows 500 lb.
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#6 Kunekune

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Kunekune

The, Chewbacca looking, kunekune is a small breed of domestic pig from New Zealand. Kunekune are hairy with a rotund build, and may bear wattles hanging from their lower jaws. Their colour ranges from black and white, to ginger, cream, gold-tip, black, brown and tricoloured.
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#7 Tamworth Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Tamworth Pig

The Tamworth, also known as Sandy Back and Tam, is a breed of domestic pig originating in its namesake Tamworth, Staffordshire United Kingdom, with input from Irish pigs.
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#8 Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig

Vietnamese Pot-bellied is the exonym for the Lon I or I pig, an endangered traditional Vietnamese breed of small domestic pig. The I is uniformly black and has short legs and a low-hanging belly, from which the name derives. The I is reared for meat. It is slow-growing, but the meat has good flavour.
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#9 Large Black Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Large Black Pig

The Large Black pig is a British breed of domestic pig. It is the only British pig that is entirely black. It was created in the last years of the nineteenth century by merging the black pig populations of Devon and Cornwall in the south-west with those of Essex, Suffolk and Kent in the south-east.
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#10 Hampshire Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Hampshire Pig

The Hampshire pig is a domestic swine breed characterized by erect ears, a black body, and a white band around the middle, covering the front legs.
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#11 Berkshire Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Berkshire Pig

Berkshire pigs are a breed of pig originating from the English county of Berkshire that are bred and raised in several parts of the world, including England, Japan, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.
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#12 Duroc Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Duroc Pig

The Duroc pig is an older breed of domestic pig. The breed was developed in the United States and formed the basis for many mixed-breed commercial hogs. Duroc pigs are reddish-brown and golden yellow, large-framed, medium length, and muscular, with partially-drooping ears.
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Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Large White Pig

The Large White is a British breed of domestic pig. It derives from the old Yorkshire breed from the county of Yorkshire, in northern England.
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#14 Choctaw Hog

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Choctaw Hog

The Choctaw Hog is a breed of domestic pig historically used by Native Americans. They are now reduced in population to some hundred animals, most of them in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
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#15 Jeju Black Pig

Pig Breeds R Amazing! - Jeju Black Pig

The Jeju Black Pig is a breed of domestic pig found on the Korean island of Jeju-do. This is Korea's largest island and lies to the south of the country in the Korea Strait. It is a smallish pig with a black skin and smooth coat of hair. It has erect, unfolded, ears and a narrow snout.
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