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#2 3D Pig Dissection Puzzle

The 3D Pig Dissection Puzzle. Great for parties or kids, the toy teaches concentration skills and biology at the same time. Learn about the various parts of the pig that make up the meat we all like to eat by taking apart the detailed and colourful model, which features 42 individual pieces. While it might sound and look morbid to some, youngsters will be amazed at all the parts and acquire a whole new appreciation for pigs!

#4 Cartoon Pig USB Hub

Product Type: USB Hub / extension HUB
Color: Pink
Cable length: 60cm (with USB connector)
Configuration: Imported 2.0 ultra high-speed chip; 3 × USB2.0, USB interface output current up to 500mA, data transfer rates up to 480Mbps.
Advantages: USB interface integrated for more products product use, easy to operate, charge, transfer data fast and stable!

#5 Oincoin Piggy Bank

A truly "piggy" bank, this coin box will really keep your money safe for you! So much so you can't even open it up. If you're one of those people who simply cannot save money, the Oincoin Piggy Bank will force you to keep away from your loose change. Once you've popped the coins into the white pig, there's no way you can get to them.
Well, actually, there is a way: you break open the Oincoin! Yes, once you've reached your saving target or if one day you are really desperate for money, then you should take a hammer and smash the piggy bank. Made from Arita-yaki ceramic from Saga in southern Japan, the porcelain pig is cute but only partly practical!
The Oincoin Piggy Bank features:
• Designed by Nori Kim・Color: white
• Made with Arita-yaki ceramic
• Size: around 80 x 95 x 90mm (3.1 x 3.7 x 3.5")
• Weight: around 255g (9 oz)
• Coin slot: 35mm (1.4")
• Made in Japan

#6 Pig Wire Basket

Made in Italy, this wire basket was designed by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti.
The country-style basket is in the shape of a pig, with a body of plain varnished metal and a snout and tail of green wire.
The quaint, agrarian design is intended to serve as a decoration or a fruit basket
Ready for harvest—or everyday snack time—the Pig Wire Basket brings a piece of the farm inside to the dining room or kitchen.

#8 Pig Juggling Balls

• Oink, oink! Test your juggling skills with this fun set of Novelty Pig Juggling Balls from • Ridley's Games House of Novelties collection.
• These three little pigs that will definitely fly!
• Unique take on the classic juggling game
• Great gift idea
• A fun way to learn a new skill

#14 3D Illusion Pig Bedside Table

• 16 colours: You can choose any colour and mode you like according to your mood or environment, decorate the bedroom, study room, living room, enhance the beauty. At the same time, it is suitable for any scene, bright and beautiful lighting, durable and energy-saving, not only for home lighting, sleeping, but also suitable for bars, cafes, perfume shops, jewellery stores, museums, art galleries and other professional places.
• 3D Visualization: This amazing lamp inconceivably worked by a 2D wireframe lamp which is only a few millimetres wide. But everyone will be shocked by the 3D optical effect.
• Energy-saving and safe: 5V/0.5W, 0.012kw.h/24 hours, 10000hours LED life span, Remote control & button touch.USB charging & 3 * AA battery. Box Dimension: 25 X 17 X 5.5cm(9.84 X 6.69 X 2.17inch).

#15 Pig Jelly Mould

• Don’t make a pig’s ear of dessert - make the whole pig! Create cute jellies, Panna cottas and blancmanges with this jelly mould
• Made of durable, food-safe plastic that ensures even the smallest details of the mould are reflected in your set jelly
• Add some fun to any special occasion! It's ideal for childrens' birthdays, or simply for retro-inspired dinner party desserts
• This easy-to-use mould will hold 600 ml (1 pint) of jelly. The finished jelly measures 18 x 11 x 11 cm
• Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA free.

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