Playforever Cars

Most of us have, most likely, played with cars at some point in our life but maybe not ones like the flawlessly designed and built Playforever Cars.

Julian Meagher created these timeless heirloom toys to delight and captivate generations to come, children and grown-ups alike. The Playforever Cars are beautiful and have different designs like Clyde, Bruno Roadster, Luft, Loretino, Velocita and Rufus. Each design is available in different colours and options.

In this list, we have shared our favourites for each design.

What do you think of our Playforever Cars list? Have we missed any from our list? Are there any on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Let us know by upvoting, downvoting and commenting, we really do love to hear your views.

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#1 Bruno Roadster Playforever Car

Length 270mm x Width 180mm x Height 130mm

#2 Velocita Playforever Car

Length 150mm x Width 95mm x Height 70mm

#3 Loretino Playforever Car

Length 138mm x Width 88mm x Height 70mm

#4 Clyde Playforever Car

Length 205mm x Width 120mm x Height 105mm

#5 Malibu Playforever Car

Length 150mm x Width 94mm x Height 58mm

#6 Viglietta Playforever Car

Length 140mm x Width 75mm x Height 50mm

#7 Speedy Le Mans Playforever Car

Length 170mm x Width 88mm x Height 62mm

#8 Bonnie Playforever Car

Length 215mm x Width 120mm x Height 92mm

#9 Heat Playforever Car

Length 245mm x Width 105mm x Height 96mm

#10 Luft Playforever Car

Length 175mm x Width 82mm x Height 68mm

#11 Rufus Playforever Car

Length 214mm x Width 127mm x Height 108mm

#12 Buck Playforever Car

Length 215mm x Width 120mm x Height 105mm

What do you think?

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