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Bluetooth speakers are amazing, allowing us to share our music and sounds, and with no wires too! We have no idea how it works but just know that it does and we love the products it enables. But if you really do want to know how it works you can learn here.

Otherwise check out our list of amazing bluetooth speaker that aims to share the most quirky, odd and creative wireless sound devices around.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any amazing bluetooth speakers from our list? Are there any on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Let us know by upvoting, downvoting and commenting, we really do love to hear your views.

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#1 Owl Bluetooth Speaker

A modern looking owl bluetooth speaker with 20 hours playback time, Bluetooth 4.2
Output power: 3W x 2, Bluetooth range: 10m and a built-in lithium battery with 3.7V / 2200 mAh.

#2 Dancing Animals Bluetooth Speaker

Discover the first enclosure that dances! With a powerful sound and a design more than original, the Dancing animal enclosure comes alive to the sound of music to the delight of children and adults. Unicorn, dog or cat, our speakers will make fun of more than one. With the madness of the unicorn and enchanted animals, rediscover the pleasure of listening to music while entertaining those around you. Equipped with very strong technical characteristics, our Dancing Animals loudspeaker allows you to listen to your music and answer your hands-free calls.

#3 Sound Rock Bluetooth Waterproof Music Player

Sound Rock! Rock your music player and answer phones indoor and outdoor. This waterproof Blue tooth speaker is a gem!

The best features of the Sound Rock are the Crystal Clear Sound at any volume and its suction bottom, so you can stick it on a flat surface and jam to the tunes.

You can keep the Sound Rock in the car and use it to answer your phones. Every charge last for 6 hours. It will quickly sync to your phone or tablet, Apple or Android does not matter as it will work on both. Its waterproof feature makes the speaker more versatile at this value. Take it with you in the shower or around the pool or outdoors on your boat or on the beach.

#4 Jarre Aerobull XS1 Bluetooth Speaker

Iconic design and modern lifestyle meet powerful sound and portable advanced technology in AeroBull XS1, younger brother of the successful JARRE TECHNOLOGIES’ AeroBull HD. Small enough to be utterly nomad, the AeroBull XS1 allows happy-owners to move with their music. With a rechargeable battery allowing 10 hours of autonomous playtime (average) and less than 2 kilograms of total weight, the AeroBull XS1 provides 2.1 stereo sound, up to 120 watts of power from JARRE TECHNOLOGIES’ internally developed XS1 electronics platform and tailor-made digital signal processing algorithms. Linked to your smartphone or any audio source through Bluetooth 4.2 or 3.5mm Line-in, this baby beast plays your Music with exceptional audio clarity and deep bass thanks to its exclusive low-turbulence bass-reflex subwoofer, wherever you decide to carry it… Enjoy mobility with the AeroBull XS1, a musical experience from JARRE TECHNOLOGIES, commanding attention and moving with you in style…

#5 Bluetooth Smart Speaker W/FM Radio Watch

What a smart idea! The jogger can enjoy the music through the speaker, which allows the jogger to be alert about the surroundings as the ears are open while jogging. It's a must-have speaker for you whether you are jogging outdoors or indoors, on your treadmill..

The speaker has Bluetooth enabled to play music from your Smart Phone or any device or even play music from a memory card that can be inserted in the speaker. You also can catch FM Radio and enjoy your favourite RJ's chat and listen to music. You may even pause and use the watch as a remote for your camera on your Smart Phone!

#6 Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

Upward facing speakers point toward your ears, with your ears free, maximizing what you hear, while minimizing what others hear around you. you can stay aware of what’s around you while you enjoy your music. You can free up your hands and ears to enjoy music, take calls and still stay connected to the world around you.

#7 JBL CLIP 3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Ready to go, where you are: incomparable to other speakers, JBL Clip 3 is extremely portable, so you can just clip and go / Signature JBL Sound with an ultra-rugged waterproof exterior.

It keeps going all day or night! Rechargeable battery lasts up to 10hrs on a single charge / Dual USB port charging hub / Features built-in noise-cancelling speakerphone function for crystal clear calls.

#8 Beanie Hat Bluetooth Speaker

Offering the most stable and strongest connection, this hat support music and calling, easy and fast to pair with your devices. Maximum transmission distance up to 33 feet. Built-in Stereo Speakers & Mic, enhance your music listening experience. You can remove it to charge by laptop, power bank, socket, car charger, etc.

Built with an easy-access USB charging port, simply charge it via the included USD cable. It takes 1-2 hours to get fully charged. The battery offers continuous working hours up to 10 hours. Perfect for camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, jogging, cycling, dog walking, auto repair, etc.

#9 Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth Speaker

This vintage radio speaker was crafted by natural walnut wood and blends modern technology with retro classic aesthetics, combines the latest and best digital audio tech with a 1950s retro vibe. We can feel like back into the golden age of music in 1950s, enjoying a soothing moment in today’s busy life. With the advanced Bluetooth 4.2 technology, this retro bluetooth speaker could be connected with your smart equipment in less than one second.

#10 Wood-grain Nut Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The cute wood-grain nut shape, smooth surface, elegant looks and natural beauty make this speaker a perfect item for decoration.

Handsfree call for convenient use. It has a Bluetooth range of 10m and is portable with carrying bag and easy to follow instructions.

#12 Helsinki Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A Helsinki portable loudspeaker is freedom of movement.

This small speaker includes a powerful ion battery, Bluetooth connection and a leather strap allowing you to bring your music along wherever you go.

N.C. Madsen created his speaker company in 1933 in a small Danish village with a desire to fuse authentic sound with simple yet refined design.

Each speaker embodies exceptional sound, premium materials, and progressive technology all of which are brought to you in a sophisticated yet compact product.

#13 Elephant Bluetooth Speaker & Phone Stand

The 2 In 1 Bluetooth Speaker and Stand for your Cell phone.

These WOODSY GOODSY cute animal shapes are made out of 100% wood, which is not only authentic and eye-catching conversational pieces but also useful in two ways and there is no two way about it. You can prop your cell phone in a slanting position on the tail or trunk of the toy stand and watch your favourite pictures and videos for hours without dropping or sliding your phone which can ruin the experience.

#14 Halo One Bluetooth Speaker

Gingko Electronics' Halo One is an original, modern, and beautifully designed Bluetooth/NFC speaker.

The organically shaped sound box features sexy curves and wood texture with a smooth touch, as well as phenomenal audio quality.

This speaker looks like a piece of table art on its own, and the two 1’’ tweeters provide an amazing stereo sound.

#16 Classic car bluetooth speaker

It was one of the symbols of Japan's reconstruction after WWII and the predecessor of today's "Kei" (light) cars. Think post-war Germany's Volkswagen Beetle and you have the Subaru 360. Now it can be a symbol for your love for all things Japanese, permanently parked on your desk and giving voice to your smartphone or tablet. Just by looking at it, you probably can't tell that the Subaru 360 Bluetooth Speaker is a fully-fledged audio system for your wireless device. But like the real Subaru 360, looks deceive!

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