Ronnie O’Sullivan Quotes

Born in 1975, Ronnie O’Sullivan is widely believed to be the best Snooker player to have ever played the game.

He has won five World Championships, and a record seven UK titles and a record seven Masters titles.

Ronnie has completed over one thousand career centuries, which is more than any other player in the history of the game.

The highest score that can be scored in Snooker is 147. In 1997, O’Sullivan broke the world record for the fastest 147 in history by nearly 2 minutes, by clearing up in 5 minutes and 2 seconds.

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#2 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Peace Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Peace

"I’ve tried a number of religions and gurus in my time, including Buddhism, but ultimately they didn’t do as much for my peace of mind as snooker."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

#3 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Depression Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Depression

"I don't think I suffered with depression, I don't think I'm a depressed type of person - I just think I suffered a depression to do with snooker, and I just couldn't handle it. I could go out and play, but take me out of there and I couldn't do life. It was a nightmare, my life just felt like a bit of a nightmare."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

#4 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Champion Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Champion

"A champion thinks: ‘That’s going in the hole, pot the blue and get on to the pink; that’s the shot.’ Embrace the moment, I told myself. This is what top sport is about, this is how you separate yourself from the pack. You grab these opportunities, and commit."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

#5 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Thoughts Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Thoughts

"I do entertain a lot of negative thoughts and I haven’t got any self-belief. But I haven’t done bad for someone without any self-belief."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

#6 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Journey Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Journey

"I just want to live for the moment. Tomorrow's not important, next month is not important, what's happened in the past is not important. That is my journey."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

#7 Ronnie O’Sullivan – Successful Quote

Ronnie O'Sullivan Quotes - Successful

"It's so strange that the more successful you become, the more people want to give you things. And the more you can afford, the more people want to give you things for nothing. It doesn't seem right."
Ronnie O'Sullivan

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