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Jeff Foster is an author and spiritual teacher from England and has some amazing quotes. If you like Eckhart Tolle, you will, more than likely love Jeff.

Which ones do you like and which ones are you not quite so sure about. Let us know by upvoting or downvoting and commenting below. Also, we’d love to hear if you think we have missed your favourite quote or if there is a quote on our list that you feel shouldn’t be?

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#1 Infinite Possibilities

"But still out of infinite possibilities, you are here, and it is now. It didn’t have to be this way, but it is. It won’t be this way forever, but it is now."
Jeff Foster

#2 The seeker

"The seeker is resistance and cannot end resistance."
Jeff Foster

#3 Suffering

"Suffering is the attempt to escape what is presently happening."
Jeff Foster

#4 Only humans

"Only humans turn pain into a problem, we weave a story around what is in fact completely natural for a physical organism."
Jeff Foster

#5 Feel a feeling

"Feel a feeling before it is even named."
Jeff Foster

#6 Healing begins

"Healing begins when you come out of your thought story."
Jeff Foster

#7 Drop the word pain

"For a moment, drop the word pain and directly explore and feel the raw sensation that is the present experience."
Jeff Foster

#8 Cannot go ‘wrong’

"The universe cannot go 'wrong'. Life seems to go 'wrong' only in our thinking."
Jeff Foster

#9 Feel

"Feel what we feel as much as we can feel it."
Jeff Foster

#10 Surprise!

"Let life surprise you."
Jeff Foster

#11 What’s happening

"When what's happening is enough there cannot be anything called suffering."
Jeff Foster

#12 Universe

"The word 'Universe' literally means 'One Song'."
Jeff Foster

#13 Love is the answer

"Love is the answer. The question is unimportant."
Jeff Foster

#14 Don’t mistake

"Don’t mistake the weather of your mind for the sky of your being."
Jeff Foster

#15 Leave everything undefined

"Leave everything undefined, including yourself. Befriend uncertainty. Fall in love with mystery. Kneel at the altar of not knowing. Give your questions time to breathe. The answers will find you."
Jeff Foster

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