We have boiled some pasta or vegetables. We strain the water away, chuck the strainer in the sink and tuck in to enjoy our the food. We may never have considered the colander that enabled our food to reach the table and more importantly our mouth and stomach. All so we can have energy to live and go about our day.

Our list may help us appreciate colanders and the ordinary everyday.

So what do you think of the list? Have we missed any colanders off our list? Are there any that you feel shouldn’t be on our list? We love to hear your views, let us know your thoughts and comments.

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#1 Max Le Chinois Colander by Alessi

Philippe Starck's designs for Alessi have steadily assumed the look and name of lively presences on the domestic front: Max le chinois colander is an ironic object that takes its place in the rituals of cooking. It's big, beautiful and expensive because of its aesthetics: but its design has a strong impact, which you can't say for any other colander. A true design statement.

#6 Big Blue Whale Pan Strainer

Fred's BIG BLUE pan strainer is a big help in the kitchen.
The pasta strainer is made of food-safe HIPS plastic and is moulded to look like the biggest animal on earth.
Sure, harbour seals are charming and dolphins are smart, but when it's time to strain the pasta from your big pot, only a whale will do.

#9 Collapsible Colander with Handle

High-quality, hand-held food colander revolve down flat when not in use, not only to save on storage space but also as Fruit Plate.
Has generous-size basket perfect for straining water from fruits, vegetables & other foods.
Made from sturdy, lightweight, dishwasher-safe plastic for ease of operation & cleanup.

What do you think?

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