How many times do we just toss the rubbish in the bin without stopping to appreciate the object that is holding it for us? Quite often, I would guess.

This list hopes to change that by sharing interesting and quirky bin designs that may stop you in your tracks.

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any bins that you feel should be on our list? Are there any that you feel really shouldn’t be on our list? Let us know by upvoting the ones you like, downvoting the ones you are not so sure about and share your comments below.

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#4 Bin Bin Basket

Each bin is constructed of hard polyethylene.
The Bin Bin Wastebasket looks exactly like the contents it is designed to contain, crumpled paper. It's a brilliant marriage of form and function.
Dimensions: 13.2" D x 13.2" H

#5 Wesco Spaceboy Bin

Futuristic waste collection.
Large stainless steel flap ensures that odour is sealed off.
High-quality powder-coated sheet steel construction with metal liner.

#7 Wire Basket

Need a basket for firewood, blankets, cushions, yarn, magazines, toys or laundry? You name it these multi functional wire baskets will keep it. You can even turn them upside down and use them as an extra stool or side table. Or if you want to be very creative use them as a lampshade. The wire baskets are made of iron wire with powder coating.
Small Size: 15.75 x 13.75 in
Medium Size: 19.5 x 15.75 in
Large Size: 23.5 x 17.75 in

#8 Ovetto Recycling bin

Amico "OVETTO ABS" sorting bin Functional aesthetic design Integrated bottle compactor 3 compartments for sorting selective For bags of 20 or 30 L Capacity: 18 L each Material: ABS plastic (40 to 70% recycled materials) Dimensions: 45 cm diameter x 84 cm height.

#9 Peek Waste Bin

Colourful glossy white outside with a peek of bright colour on the inside, our Peek WasteBins will brighten any room.
A plastic bottom attaches to the metal can for easy cleaning.
1.3 gallon (5L) capacity.
Available in 6 colours.

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