Bicycle Bells

Riding along on our bike or scooter and somebody or something is in the way. We ring our bell and pass on by without another thought for that helpful little device on the handlebars that ding donged to set us on our way.

Our list of amazing Bicycle Bells hopes to rectify that. Do you agree with our list? Is there a bell on our list that you feel shouldn’t be? Have missed any bells off our list? Let us know because we love to hear your views.

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#1 Blue Alloy Bike Bell

A new kind of bell which has a crisp and lound sound, 90 decibels of sound can penetrate noisy traffic. It is designed specifically for safety warnings for mountain bikes and road bikes.

#2 Crane Bell Suzu Brass Bicycle Bell

Cap Diameter: 55mm - Mount Diameter: 22.2mm - 25.4mm
Loud, Clear and Beautiful Tone

#3 Metal Ding Dong Bell

The bell sound is loud and clear with a crisp pleasant pitch, similar to a 'ring ring'.

#4 Red Bicycle Bell

The individual parts are firmly fitted so that there are no rattling or jingling noises when cycling over cobblestones, gravel roads or other streets.

#5 Flower Bicycle Bell

This beautiful flower bell issues a crisp and clean sound while using.

#6 Brass Kitty Skull Shaped Bike Bell

A traditional brass bicycle or scooter bell with novelty cat detailing that is easily and securely mountable onto your handlebars. Small and compact with a sprung thumb lever, ensure you can remain safe on the roads with this fun cycle accessory.

#7 Yellow Emoji Smiley Face Bike Bell

3D Sticker Smiley Design, steel lid and plastic base with 2 screws


The cute panda bicycle ring bell is specially designed for kids and adult bikes, loud crisp clear sound protects your riding safety, allowing you to announce your approach to other cyclists and pedestrians

#9 Owl Vision Bicycle Bell

Minimalistic look & feel - discreet and efficient. With small dimensions and a sleek design it can be integrated onto any handlebar.

#10 Fischer Football Bicycle Bell

Bicycle Bell in a football design.

#11 Superman Bike Bell

Colourful old-fashioned bicycle bell.

#12 Classic Flowers Bicycle Bell

Quality "ring" La Petite Rose warning bell

#13 Mini Gold Bike Bell

Made of high strength aluminium alloy and ABS, durable and strong. Prevent from rust and corrosion which ensure more long time use.

#14 Unicorn Bike Bell

Give your bicycle handlebars a splash of colour .

#15 Bicycle Bell Bike Horn

#16 Ladybug Bike Bell

Press the antenna to open the wings, give your kids more cycling fun. Your child will love it.

#17 Face and Cap Bike Bell

The lovely bell is full of fun that makes people can't help but smile, brings you a relaxing and nice day.

#18 Pizza Bicycle Bell

Give your bicycle handlebars a splash of fun with this fun pizza bicycle bell.

#19 Mirco Owl Bike and Scooter Bell

A Flexible Silicone Strap With Multiple Place Settings. Easy To Attach And Waterproof.

#20 Farm Animal Bicycle Bells

Children's Animal Farm Bell.

#21 Cool Cat in Shades Bicycle Bell

The coolest ding dong bike bell you'll ever see and hear.

#22 Doughnut Bike Bell

Mmmmmm! Doughnuts! We love doughnuts and we think you will love this doughnut bike bell too!

What do you think?

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