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This list is an interactive list based on our book – Pigs R Amazing! – Buy Now

This squealy good guide to why Pigs R Amazing! shares how great pigs can be.

We couldn’t fit every amazing thing pigs do into this list and neither do we believe that our list can please everybody. So please do let us know what you think should or shouldn’t be on the Pigs R Amazing! list.

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#1 A Wheelie Good Pig

Pigs R Amazing! - Pig in a wheelchair

A piglet called Chris who, at birth, was discovered to not have the use of his rear legs was taken to the vets to be put down. Luckily for Chris, that vet was Dr. Len Lucero, an extremely kind and creative person, who took the little pig home to care for him.

#2 A Pig’s Nose

Pigs R Amazing! - Pigs Smell

Well known for their distinctive snouts, pigs have an extremely good sense of smell. It is around 2000 times more sensitive than that of a human.

#3 Heroic Pigs

Pigs R Amazing! - Super Pigs

There are several examples of pigs saving people’s lives, here is one:
A pet pig called Pru pulled her owner out of a muddy bog.

#4 Pigs and Humans

Pigs R Amazing! - Pigs are like humans

A pig’s genetic makeup is very similar to our own. Scientists are now using stem cells from pigs to research cures for human diseases.

#5 Pigs May Fly

Pigs R Amazing! - Pigs May Fly

In 2014, on a US Airway’s flight from Connecticut to Washington DC, a lady was seen carrying what many thought to be a duffel bag. It turned out to be a 70-pound pot-bellied pig that she was carrying over her shoulder.

#6 The Pig Who Loved People

Pigs R Amazing! - Loving Pigs

Bette was not so sure, though after remembering that caring for an animal helps improve a person’s well being, she changed her mind and adopted the pig who changed her and her family's life.

#7 A Running Pig

Pigs R Amazing! - Running Pigs

Are pigs fast or slow runners? You may be surprised by the answer.

Pigs are sprinters, which means they can run fast over short distances.

#8 The Tamworth Two

Pigs R Amazing! - Tamworth Two

On 8th January 1998, two pigs escaped whilst being unloaded from a lorry at an abattoir in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

These two little pig’s escape was widely covered in the media.

#9 Clean Pigs

Pigs R Amazing! - Clean Pigs

Pigs sometimes have the reputation of being dirty and messy animals, however, this is not true. They tend to roll in mud only to stay cool because they are unable to sweat.

#10 Who’s a Clever Hog?

Pigs R Amazing! - Who's A Clever Hog

Pigs are said to be the world’s fifth-most intelligent animal. They outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are believed to be even cleverer than dogs.

#11 The Wonder Pig

Pigs R Amazing! - The Wonder Pig

Believing she was a micro pig, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted Esther into their home.

Weighing just 1.4 kg (3 lb), everything started fantastically because Esther would grow to be no bigger than 32 kg (70 lb). However, Esther was not a micro pig. Esther kept growing and growing!

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