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A truly inspirational lady

Born in 1983, Jasmin Paris is an ultra runner who, in 2019, made an international name for herself when she won the 268 mile Spine Race in the UK.

She beat all the other competitors, including the men, and set a course record of 83 hours and 12 minutes and 23 seconds. That in itself is exceptional but when you add into the equation that she had to stop to express milk for her 14-month-old child whilst her nearest competitor was resting it becomes even more extraordinary!

WOW! Jasmine is a really amazing woman!

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#1 Motherhood

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Motherhood

"I had some food and expressed (food for her baby), but Eugeni (her competitor) had to have some blisters dressed and was having a massage and then went to sleep”
Jasmin Paris

#2 Incentive

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Incentive

"A lot of it is through quite remote areas so you're running on your own and that's a massive component. So it's draining from all sides. But I had the perfect incentive to get back to the finish, which was my baby daughter waiting for me there."
Jasmin Paris

#3 Tactical

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Energy

"It's tactical; the more you sleep the more energy you'll have. But equally you’re losing time every second you're sleeping, so there's all of that to factor into to it."
Jasmin Paris

#4 Motivation

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Motivation

"I struggle with having enough time, but not motivation."
Jasmin Paris

#5 Time

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Time

"Give it a week and a bit more sleep and I will probably want to go running again."
Jasmin Paris

#6 Challenge

Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing! - Challenge

"It was a new challenge and I find it exciting when you do something that you don’t know whether you can do it, or not."
Jasmin Paris

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