Unique Lamps

Which ones light up your day?

Lamps bring light into our lives, some more than others though.

Upvote the one you like or would purchase and downvote the ones you don’t like.

Our favourites are the Basketball Lamp and the Humorous Human Lamp. Do you agree? Let us know what you think.

Have we left a lamp off that you think should be included, is there one on our list that you feel shouldn’t be on it? Let us know in the comments.

#1 3 Lighting Modes Cat Lamp

Tap the soft silicone surface to switch among normal white light mode, 7-color breathing light mode and standby mode, you can select a single colour let it stays on solidly, making it a romantic sweet nursery baby night lamp companion.

#3 Finger Lamps

Great toy for Halloween: these LED fingers can magically light up the dark with colourful lights, create weird and ghost atmosphere, good magical tricks prop to amaze your friends and families.

#6 Tortoise Table Lamp

Handmade glass lamp shade with colourful design, romantic and soft lighting, Tiffany style lamps are not only home furnishing but also can be kept as collectables.

#7 Robot Bedside lamp

Creative foldable design, this robot desk lamp's joints can be twisted freely, you can put different shapes according to your different needs. The bookcase posture can lay books, lighting is for reading, humanizing cosy lighting design offers a better reading, better life and a better environment.

#12 3D Desk Lamp

Simple shape, natural wood, uniform colour, eye protection, overall coordination and more unified coordination.

3D modelling, to create different visual effects; pure hand-paste technology, any activity modelling, can be assembled and disassembled, easy to use.

#13 Dog Lamp

The dog lamp with rotatable legs & adjustable head, which can be adjusted into many actions like the real dog, this lamp can bring a real feeling that you are keeping a pet dog.

What do you think?

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