Position of a Centaur’s Heart

Centaurs' Heart Position

Back in 2018, a very interesting question was raised on Twitter by @FredWuMD.

Fred wanted to know from other doctors where they would place the defib pads if they had to work on a Centaur having a cardiac arrest.

Centaur Question
source: @FredWuMD

It is a very good question that got many medical professionals thinking. Here are some of their answers.

A then B
source: @efunkEMD
source: @FredWuMD
Two Hearts
source: @Sith_Fisto

Also, if like us, you are wondering what a hagfish looks like, here is a picture and it worse than you could ever imagine:

We feel, that seeing as the Centaur is a Mythical Creature we can open this question to the medically untrained as well. So now you have heard from the professionals above, what are your thoughts on the location of a Centaurs’ heart(s). Let us know by taking the quiz below. Also please comment to let us know why you have selected your choice.

  • Where would a Centaurs heart be positioned?

    • Centaurs' Heart Position
      A – Where the human’s is
    • Centaurs' Heart Position
      B – Where the horses is
    • Centaurs' Heart Position
      C – In both places
    • Centaurs' Heart Position
      D – Somewhere else on the Centaur


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