Pencil Sharpeners

Our pencil tip breaks or needs sharpening in the middle of an important task. We quickly grab the nearest sharpener, do what we need to do and get back to work. Maybe, without consideration for this wonderful little sharpening device.

This post aims to change that and encourage us to pause and appreciate the ordinary everyday pencil sharpeners.

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Also, which ones do you think should not be on our list? Are there any we have missed? Let us know, we love to hear your views and comments.

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#2 Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener

This Vintage Camera Pencil Sharpener looks Picture Perfect in your office and on your desk! With an adjustable sharpness knob and a shavings tray behind the retro lens this camera makes dull pencils sharp again. We actually use this handsome incognito camera at TinToyArcade. Our handsome Camera Sharpener is inspired by the classic box film cameras of the 1930’s and 1940’s. A great novelty gift for your photographer.

#8 Die Cast Forklift Pencil Sharpener

What a great desk accessory for a business owner, tree ornament for a forklift operator, gift topper for a warehouse worker, or a unique addition to a pencil sharpener collection.
With great attention to detail, the miniature forklift features moving wheels, forks that lift and fold, and intricate finishes like a moving steering wheel and gear shift.

#11 Shark Pencil Sharpener

You never know which teeth you push will let the toy ¡°Bite¡ your finger, very funny toy ideal for playing with your children or making fun in a party, always be a guest curiosity.
Easy to sharpen the pencil, this small hand-cranked sharpener creates a professional pointed tip. For round, triangle, hexagon and colour lead.

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