We all make mistakes from time to time, however, when our error is from a pencil we can correct it without thinking by using an eraser (a rubber in the UK).

This post aims to change that and encourage us to pause and appreciate the ordinary every day erasers.

Which ones do you like? Upvote those and downvote those which you are not so keen on.

Also, which ones do you think should not be on our list? Are there any we have missed? Let us know, we love to hear your views and comments.

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#1 Evolution Eraser

Designer stationery lovers, Darwinists or just modern Neanderthals will adore this set of Evolution Erasers, which depict the progress of man in one block of practical rubber. Designed by Hiroyuki Shiratori, apparently he was inspired by his difficulty in studying German and wanted to make the act of erasing mistakes more fun. Well, he certainly succeeded! This erase will change form ("evolve") as you use it, showing the various stages of man's development.

#14 Mount Fuji Eraser

The Mount Fuji Eraser is a fun and clever way to bring this icon of Japan into your home or work stationery set. As you use the cuboid eraser, the shape of Fuji gradually comes into view and you find yourself holding Japan's most famous peak. This is a pack of two erasers in different colors: a cool blue and a fiery red, which is a popular image of Fuji at sunset. Even the paper sleeve has a classic vibe, inspired by various traditional Japanese patterns and motifs.

#15 Metaphys viss Spiral Eraser

We all get frustrated when we have worn down the edge of our erasers and have difficulty getting rid of unwanted words on our pages. From design brand Metaphys in partnership with a specialist industrial glue manufacturer the viss is an award-winning eraser that not only looks great it also has been created to always have an edge for ease of use. Less abrasive than more ordinary erasers the viss has been acclaimed by bloggers around the world for its lack of smear or smudge and besides its unique concept it looks pretty amazing too.

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