You have a few pages that need fastening together, you grab the stapler, snap the staple into place and then you may return the device without giving it another thought.

This list aims to change that by sharing some of the most quirky and creative staplers?

What do you think of our list? Have we missed any Staplers from our list? Are there any on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Let us know by upvoting, downvoting and commenting, we really do love to hear your views.

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#6 Stampler

Sometimes in life, something comes out that is so revolutionary its name becomes synonymous with the job it does, eg. hoovering or googling. The Stampler is the next big thing. It rubber stamps a smiley face at the same time it staples your pages together.

Made by Suck UK

#8 Red High Heel Shoe Stapler

• Fun and stylish desktop stapler for up to 12 sheets (80 gsm paper), Designed for home, school or office use
• Compatible staples: 26/6, Top loading mechanism for easy refilling
• Stands vertically on your desk saving space, Comfortable easy handling
• Statement stapler that adds a unique feature to your desk

#11 Flamingo Stapler

• Useful and portable mini stapler, suitable for school, home or office.
• Also a great decoration for your desktop, help you stapling quickly.
• Portable design, easy and safe to use, and convenient to carry.
• Its the perfect solution for your everyday stapling needs.

#13 Woodpecker Desk Stapler

The Commercial Desk Stapler is driven by performance. Designed for the desktop, it packs a powerful punch and is able to easily staple as many as 12 sheets at a time. Able to withstand heavy daily use, this durable metal stapler delivers reliable stapling in commercial spaces. Features include an inner rail which reduces risk of jamming and a positive locking latch which ensures that staples are inserted securely and in the proper position. This is the perfect model for any environment with frequent stapling demands. A limited lifetime warranty is included.

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