Mother nature imagination is amazing

This list encourages us to stop and appreciate that the animals that already around us are truly amazing.

G.K. Chesterton stated:

It is one thing to describe an interview with a gorgon or a griffin, a creature who does not exist. It is another thing to discover that the rhinoceros does exist and then take pleasure in the fact that he looks as if he didn’t.

Although some of the Mythical Creatures, like gorgons and gryphons, are imaginative, this list of animals hopes to show that they are not in comparison to real-life creatures in this list.

What do you think of our list of amazing animals? Have we missed any off? Are there any you feel shouldn’t be on our list? Upvote, downvote and comment below to share your views. We really do love hearing your feedback.

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#1 Rhinos

As G.K. Chesterton stated in his quote it really does look like Rhino shouldn't exist but they do with their horns and the build of a tank.

#2 Flamingos

Let's give a bird two legs and let it choose to stand on one!
Yes, let's make those legs look too long too.
Oh, good idea! Let make it a pinky-orange colour as if it has been a washing machine and the colours have leaked.
Mother Nature, "Done!"

#3 Chameleons

An animal that can change colour, rotate its eyeball on a socket.
Mother Nature, "Sure why not! Here you go"

#4 Frogs

A small jumping creature with big bulbous eyes that can be poisonous. An amazing creature which I am not sure a human could have created.

#5 Flying Fish

Let's have a fish that is known for swimming and then, I don't know, let's give it wings so it can fly like a bird. Incredible!

#6 Tortoise

Let's make an animal that lives nearly 200 years and can hide in its shell. Check! Oh, yes one more thing, let's make sure it moves really slowly.

#7 Sea Horse

Women give birth in pretty much every other animal. Let's mix it up with this little creature, so the men give birth. Oh, this is fun being creative!

#8 Komodo Dragon

Let's keep an animal that looks like a dinosaur and its bite is so dirty it can kill.

#9 Giraffes

How about an animal that has a long neck so eat leaves from the top of trees and then give it a unique pattern. Mother Nature says: "Consider it done!"

#10 Octopus

8 legs with suckers that can squirt ink, make it really intelligent, make sure it has no bones. Cool eh! Oh, and let's make it be able to change colour.

#11 Elephants

I know let's have a long nose that squirts water, add big ears and make it the size of a bus! Nature once again demonstrates its imagination.

#12 Honey Badgers

How about creating a cute stocky looking animal that once it opens its mouth it looks vicious. That's a good idea! Also, let's make it so aggressive and good at fighting that it wins fights against very poisonous snakes.
Mother nature: "Done!"

#13 Narwhals

How about this animal with a longhorn on its forehead? Consider it done!

#14 hedgehogs

What about an animal with spikes like needles on the outside and it can roll in a ball to protect itself. Oh and make it look really cute so it can't be stroked!
Mother nature: "Once again, Done!"

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