Vehicles to creatures

Turning Mecard Toys - Lorry to Bug

How amazing is this? Two cars crash together and then turn into the Mythical Creature of a Unicorn!

2 Cars Turn into a Unicorn


Here is a clearer picture:

Cars turning into a unicorn.

Unfortunately, We can only find one place to purchase this cool looking toy but we are unsure if the shop is that legitimate or not – This is the link if you want to copy and paste it but we are not going to link to the page because as I said I am unsure –

A safer option of transport vehicles turning to creatures could be Mattel’s ‘Turning Mecard’, check this video out so what we mean:

And here are some pictures:

Turning Mecard Toys - Lorry to Bug


Turning Mecard Toys - Lorry to Big Bird


Turning Mecard Toys - Car to Bird

Here are some links if you wish to buy them:

What do you think?


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