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Be@rbrick is a collectable toy that has been designed and produced by a Japanese company called Medicom Toy.

Be@rbrick SizesThe Be@rbricks are available in 6 variety of sizes. 50% = 3.5cm, 70% = 5cm, 100% = 7cm, 200% = 14.5cm, 400% = 28cm and 1000% = 70cm

Using a cartoon-styled bear Medcom paint it to resemble different characters, brands and feels. Our list shares some our favourites.

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#6 Robocop Bearbrick

Medicom partnered up with one of the 80’s most recognizable heroes and cyborg law enforcer RoboCop. Reimagined on the 1000% Be@rbrick canvas, RoboCop features his iconic cyborg look complement by the intricate and crisp detail. Stands 28" tall.

#8 KAWS Grey Bearbrick

Brian Donnelly—better known as KAWS, the street artist made famous by his small vinyl sculptures—has collaborated with the viral toy brand BE@RBRICK to produce some of the most collectable versions of the teddy bear-like figurine. KAWS was an early artistic partner for the brand, and released this BE@RBRICK (his first ever) in 2002, just one year after the toy company Medicom introduced the character to the public. KAWS’s B@ARBRICK showcased the artist’s signature figure, the “

#9 Garfield Bearbrick

Medicom has revamped Jim Davis’ Garfield from the eponymous comic and cartoon television series. Draped in his signature orange colour, the cynical and lazy persona that we best know him for his familiar content facial expression.
This 1000% Bearbrick stands 28" tall.

#10 Be@rbrick TMNT Leonardo

Turtle power! The latest in the MediCom series of Be@rbrick (Bearbrick) collectable designer toys is this Be@rbrick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo, based on the character from the immensely popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon TV first broadcast in 1987. Lovingly rendered in 1980s cartoon style and superbly detailed, this is a pair of two figures in large and small sizes. A must-have for fans of the original animated series or anyone who likes quality collectable figures.

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