Tiger renamed Giraffe bread by UK Supermarket

Tiger renamed Giraffe bread by UK Supermarket

This beautifully kind exchange between 3 and half-year-old Lilly and Sainsburys, a large Supermarket brand in the UK, is one of the most uplifting stories of connection and compassion.

After Lily’s parent’s could not answer her question regarding why Tiger bread was named as it was, she wrote a letter to the supermarket.
Letter from Lilly regarding the name of Tiger bread

This is Tiger bread which Lilly thought should be called Giraffe bread instead.
Tiger Bread

Sainsbury’s kind and considered reply:
Sainsburys supermarket's reply to Lilly

A sign was put in all of Sainsburys’ stores to explain why they renamed their bread.
Sainsburys renamed Tiger bread to Giraffe bread

The label on the bread was even changed:
Giraffe Bread

This is such a lovely example of fantastic customer service.

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