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Born in 1914, Abram went on to become one of the worlds most accomplished graphic designers. His portfolio of 60 years worth of designs clearly shows the ethos he followed when creating his work.

Maximum Meaning Minimum Means

Abram Games’ designs usually demonstrate this ethos by visually linking two items to get a message across with minimal words. His style led him to design for some of the world’s biggest brands and during World War 2 he was appointed ‘Official War Poster Artist’. This was almost the perfect role for him because of his ability to explain complex information in an extremely succinct way.

If you check the work of Noma Bar you will that Abrham’s work is still inspiring people today.

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#8 Britain by Train by Abram Games

Using the shape of the UK as a mask of the train and the window of the train revealing the map is a fantastic way to depict seeing Britain by Train.

#10 Guinness 5 Million Daily Poster by Abram Games

The pint of Guinness making the top bar of the number '5' to say 5 Million daily and when you rotate the poster you see the base of the '5' is also the 'G' of Guinness. This to me is Genius.

#11 Brush The Cobwebs Away Poster by Abram Games

This poster's image is the perfect match to the headline. It explains the message so succinctly that it is difficult not to understand what you are being suggested to do.

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