Utsubusene Cushion (17/36)

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Keep your chin up as the British say! Now you can really relax while using your phone tablet or other device with this Utsubusene Cushion (Face-Down Sleep Cushion). Anyone who has laid down on a pillow or cushion to read or use their tablet for a while will know the pain that can develop in your arms and shoulders. Well now your shoulders neck and chin can get full support leaving your eyes fingers and mind free to be entertained. With a cushion made from a special meshing with excellent air circulation you can also lie down backwards on the frame like a mini sofa and watch TV from the floor. Needless to say the height angle is adjustable and it can be folded right up to slot away in a cupboard or beside a shelf for when not in use. Thanko knows a thing or two about nifty household gadgets and this is the latest in their long line of brilliant inventions. This sort of lying-down reading is actually a real custom in Japan where traditionally there aren’t proper tables or chairs. Instead from an early age kids read comics and play video games on the floor and this extends to adulthood where people still often watch TV and browse things on their mobile devices while lying face-down. Whether Thanko’s new addition forms a part of this culture for years to come will have to be left up to the historians to decide but we reckon it will come in handy whatever country you are from!


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