Bandai SmartPet Robot Dog (15/36)

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All hail the next generation of Aibo the SmartPet by Bandai the robot dog pet for the iPhone or iPod user. Interact with your pet via the touchscreen and also get him to do things according to what he sees and hears thanks to the camera. There are two different colors and all you need is the free official app. You can then check on how your pet is doing using the bilingual interface and of course your device slips in and out of the dog’s face like an ordinary dock. There are games to play together and also daily functions like feeding the pooch plus you can even change his face settings to a range of different options. There are over 100 actions that the SmartPet can perform. Heck this doggy wil even stand up and dance for you! And put another Smartpet nearby and they will use Bluetooth to interact and communicate. If you thought the Tamagotchi was special just wait till you own a Smartpet!


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