Panda Darake Balance Game (10/36)

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Submitted to "Japanese Gadgets"

Panda Darake is an addictive game of balance played with Asia’s most famous bear and a pair of chopsticks. “Darake” means “chockerblock” or completely full, and in this variation on Jenga there are certainly more of the bears than you normally find at the zoo! In fact, there are twelve cute pandas in this set – but what do you do with them?

Well, there are several different games to play here, such as seeing who can transfer the pandas into the inside of the tire without dropping them. Or you have to put the pandas so that they fit all together in a block. The more ambitious chopstick users can even try standing the tire upright in a range of positions and loading the pandas on one by one. It’s harder than it looks and you have to do it without the whole structure collapsing or dropping the pandas!


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