Cuckoo Clocks

As each hour strikes…

Cuckoo! Cuckoo! These clocks are great however I minds soon learn to cancel out the sound.

This list of unique designs will help bring back the appreciation for these quirkiest of products.

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#3 KOOKOO Animal House Cuckoo Clock

Fanciful miniature cuckoo clock: where a little bird would usually appear on the hour, you can choose between five different brightly coloured animal figures – elephant, cat, pig, dog or rooster. All animals not currently on cuckoo duty rest on a magnetic perch, awaiting their big moment. By Maia Ming Designs.

#4 Birdwatching Cuckoo Clock

BirdWatching table cuckoo clock by Progetti. The ironic, stylish and green design by Studio Kuadra leads us to observe birds, or even better, the cuckoo, literally in the woods. BirdWatching is, in fact, a table cuckoo clock dedicated to lovers of sports... indoor! Every hour we can observe a chirping sparrow in the house.

#6 Dandy Moustache Cuckoo Clock

A vintage and dandy-inspired style with an aged appeal. This is a modern and unusual version of the type of moustache worn in London in the 19th century by distinct, elegant and intellectual gentlemen. The ‘handlebar’ moustache was attributed to the typical London dandies and distinguished their physical appearance. Moustaches nowadays are a symbol of modern dandies in all the major cities of the world and thanks to Progetti's cuckoo clock, they can now be hang on the wall or be placed on a desk or on a shelf, giving an elegant and ironic touch to any room.

#7 Home Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Home cuckoo clock by Progetti. An item that takes the cuckoo clock idea straight from the imagination, Cuckoo Home recalls a tiny country cottage with a free-hand drawing of a door and front window from where the cuckoo bird pops out. It has another window drawn on the side with a flower and some handwritten words like ‘cuckoo home’ over the door and ‘Built by Progetti’ with a little bird on the left hand side. The hands of the clock are in the shape of an arrow.

#11 Uhuhu Cuckoo Clock

Uhuhu Cuckoo Clock by Progetti is a daring, multifunctional, dynamic and adaptable cuckoo clock. It's precisely this adaptability that makes Uhuhu different from any other clock. Uhuhu adapts to any space and environment. Uhuhu's main characteristic is its simplicity, mobility and versatility.

#13 Peek-a-Koo Cuckoo Clock

Peek-a-Koo Cuckoo clock designed by Krit Jiratkaruen for Progetti changes the perspective for this type of clock. We are used to seeing the bird come out of the centre of the clock, but, in this case, it comes out from the side toward the middle of the face. It is a clock with a captivating shape thanks to a combination of soft lines that, when paired with angular details, make it something completely new. It has been created with unique working methods and materials and comes in two colour variations. The insert in solid walnut adds a touch of elegance.

#15 Cucu Chic Cuckoo Clock

Cucu_Chic 1 cuckoo clock by Progetti. The minimalist design, the rounded corners, the glossy finish and the chrome details make this cuckoo clock an item suitable for any dwelling where elegance reigns. A parallelepiped and a house with an asymmetrical roof are the two simple shapes that the designers defined for the two versions of Cucu_Chic.

#16 Nido Cuckoo Clock

Nido Cuckoo Clock by Progetti is an innovative cuckoo clock designed by Nazzareno Ruspolini. The designer was inspired by the very simplest of our flying friends' homes: a hole in a trunk. A cylinder cut as if by a woodsman, a small branch and a copper leaf create the elegant and refined image that the designer wanted to convey with this design object. Perfect for any bookshelf, shelving or surface in the modern or traditional home or office. The copper hands are installed on an angled surface to ensure the clock can be read from any position.

#17 CucuBall Cuckoo Clock by Progetti

CucuBall Cuckoo Clock by Progetti. Colourful, playful and with a soft shape just like the chewy sweets that inspired its design – delightful, bright colored jellies of various sizes. Cucuball is a charmingly amusing cuckoo wall clock, the main body is in white varnished wood where the hands and the cuckoo are set. It has twelve wooden cylinders of different diameters and colours which give the clock an unusual attractive shape.

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