Kago Bendable Pure Tin Basket (11/36)

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Nousaku is a 400-year-old tin casting company famed for making Buddhist altar fittings and other formal ornaments. It has now turned to modern living and the results of this fusion of tradition and contemporary chic are superb. Kago has a name which derives from “basket”, though initially it looks like a flat piece of metal. It’s not. It can be bent and shaped like a sculpture. The material is malleable tin, allowing you to customize your own ornaments. This version is a large square that can be reformed into a beautiful silver flower vase for ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) or even a fruit bowl. Actually the uses for the Kago are almost limitless. For example, it could form a decoration to an indoor plant pot or even a light shade. To see how it is made and how flexible the tin is, watch this video.

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