In the summer weather with the wind in your hair skating along can be a great experience but what about the item attached to your feet with wheels on?

Most of us may not stop to consider the skateboards but they really do have some funky designs. Which ones do you like, and which ones are you not sure about. Let us know by upvoting and downvoting.

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#1 Black Walnut Cruiser Skateboard

The Southpaw Board Co. cruiser is a hearty throwback classic. Hand-built in Portland, OR by from sturdy Black Walnut, this beast is made to carve, shred and cruise.

This handmade cruiser board is crafted specifically to turn your daily cruising and commuting into the best part of your day. Like a good pair of leather boots, daily use and wear makes the vintage style of the board look even better.

#2 Osprey Complete Beginners Double Kick Trick Skateboard

EASY TO RIDE BEGINNER SKATEBOARD - With 13cm heavy-duty aluminium trucks, this board is sturdy whilst allowing easy manoeuvrability, great for new skaters!
DURABLE, HIGH QUALITY AND SUPER GRIPPY - 31" deck is made from strong 7 ply Chinese maple with black grip tape to keep you stable.
ENJOY FOR A RELIABLE, SMOOTH RIDE - 5mm riser pads, PU bushings, 54 x 36mm PVC wheels and 608z bearings give you a sturdy and smooth ride.

#3 Osprey Single Kick Tail Complete Cruiser

Concave single kick deck made with seven-ply Canadian maple for strength and durability.
ABEC 7 Chrome bearings provide a smooth and stable ride.
78A PU wheels make for easy cruising - provide the ideal balance between grip and manoeuvrability.

#4 KPC Pro Skateboard

Canadian Maple Construction.
7.75-Inch Deck.
White 52mm Wheels.
Black Aluminum Trucks.
Black Grip tape.

#5 Batman Skateboard

79cm x 20cm (31" x 8") double kicktail maple deck.
Printed grip tape.
PP Trucks.
608z bearings.
PVC Wheels.

#6 Tony Hawk 180 Wingspan Skateboard

Tony Hawk Signature Series Complete Skateboard.
180 Beginners Series.
9Ply 100% Maple Deck.
Heavy Duty Aluminium Trucks.
52mm 95a Wheels.

#7 Element Woke Skateboard

Dimensions: 7.75" x 31.25".
Wheelbase: 14".
Trucks: 5" Raw Element.
Wheels: 52mm Element.
Bearings: ABEC 5.

#12 Blind Reaper Axe Skateboard

Reaper Axe Deck 7.75'' x 31.2'' - 13.88''WB.
Tensor Alloy Trucks.
Blind 52mm 92A Wheels.
Ready Built Complete.

#14 Morfboard

This is a perfect transition board that helps you move from a scooter to a real skateboard.

#15 Ghost Clear Long Board

This clear perspex board look amazing with aim of giving the illusion of floating on air.

#16 OLAF Urban

Instant pedal transformation system from all 4 functionalities,
BACKPACK: Ergonomically designed, fully incorporated within the
URBAN chassis, and instantly removable backpack; added hidden wheel cover pockets to keep your back clean when worn as backpack.
KICK SCOOTER: Wooden deck and flexible curving based steering system.
SKATEBOARD: Three large and narrow wheels and high-quality bearings.

#17 Rodney Mullen Out There Impact Almost Skateboard

8.25" inches wide x 32.1" length with a 14.25" wheelbase. Mellow concave deck, fuller shape nose and tail. The complete deck comes supplied and fitted with Enuff Pro Trucks, Enuff Abec 7 sealed black shield bearings, 52mm Black Sheep wheels, 1" black truck bolts & griptape.

#18 Starry Sky Cruiser Skateboard

This skateboard is composed of several different parts, which are made separately. They can be purchased either as complete, fully assembled skateboards or in separate parts. High-end PP board + PU wheels, which make it lighter than other material skateboards. It is a popular fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults, influencing clothing styles, music and street culture. They are often seen in places frequented by young people, such as university campuses and music festivals.

#19 Mini Cruiser – Vertical Stripe B&W

The Mini-Skateboard is the perfect way to make a quick get away. Hand- built in Portland, OR from sturdy Black Walnut and White Maple, this little beast is made to cruise. Also, its small size is great for storing in a backpack or bag.

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