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We have something we think is so good that we would like to pop it on our wall and share it with the world. But let’s stop to just appreciate the forgotten frames that hold the creations in place.

This list shares some frames that we think will make it easier to remember them and what they do for us to unselfishly day after day.

Have we missed any off our list? Are there any frames that you feel shouldn’t be on our list? Let us know, we love to hear your views, opinions and comments.

Oh! Please, could you be as kind to share this page with all your family and friends so that others can also appreciate the ordinary in the everyday, that is R Amazing!

#1 Picture Table

This wall-folding-table turn into a picture frame when they are not in use. The strong wood construction is an aesthetic and novel kind of folding table, which quickly and easily becomes an elegant, trendy and modern picture frame for paintings, posters or photo collages. One person can change from table to picture frame and vice versa in under 20 seconds. No tools or assistance required!

#4 Colour Frames by Polaroid

The Color Frames Edition is a fun little update to our original Black & White 600 film. You get the same deep shades of black & white, but each photo is framed in a bright, contrasting color like pink, or purple, or green, or... well, you get the idea. It's great for parties and kids' events, and you never know which color's going to pop out next so you can add a bit of mystery to your photos. Because life's never just black & white.

#10 Wall mounted key box picture frame

The vintage classic looking key cabinet is made of wood. The unique design in combination with a built-in picture frame (picture size 9x13 cm) makes the key cabinet a very special design item whether next to the cloakroom or kitchen (floor) e.g..
Six golden metal hangers help to keep all keys organised. Perfect for small apartments, country houses or apartments with rural style e.g. The door has an invisible magnetic closure.

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