Faces in Everyday Objects

Top Examples of Pareidolia That You Will Love

Which face really creates a reaction in you?

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#1 Box Face

Discovered in New York City

#3 Can Face

This face opened itself to world in Boston, UK.

#5 Bag Face

In Varanasi, India, this face was carrying a smile.

#6 Lift Face

In London, UK this face raised us up.

#8 Basket Face

In Boston, USA the face hold your attention.

#9 Cap Face

In Chicago, USA this face found it's way in (and on) to peoples heads

#10 Railings Face

This face croaked into existence along Nevsky Prospekt St Petersburg, Russia.

#11 Car Door Face

On an Audi TT this roared into our lives in Boston, UK.

#12 Shadow Face

This face shone into life in Beijing, China.

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