Egg Shapers

Crack! Crack! Goes the eggs. Then boil or fry them and eat. But before you do, let’s just pause and appreciate where they came from and how we can prepare them in fun shapes.

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#1 Heart Shaped Egg Pan

Fun and functional mini fry pan are great for preparing an easy breakfast.
Ideal for sandwich-size eggs and pancakes too. and always use oven gloves when using pans.

#4 Egg Fry Rings

Sunny-side up or over-easy, these nonstick egg rings ensure eggs cook evenly and release easily. Eliminate thin whites and fry more eggs in one pan. The perfect breakfast sandwich ring to create egg sandwiches using your own choice of healthy ingredients.

#6 Skull Egg Shaper

Get the perfect fried egg with this attractive shape skull mold. Simple and funny! Just place the mold in your frying pan, crack two eggs into the rings and soon you’ll have an eye-catching breakfast.

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