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  • Mike Gilbert R Amazing! Podcast

    Podcast with guest Mike Gilbert

    The R Amazing! Podcast interviews a different person to discover their opinion on the most amazing Person, Object, Animal, Quote, Book and best thing ever! Mike Gilbert has started his own political party called A Blue Revolution and has written 4 pamphlets that shares some of his political views. Watch the R Amazing! Podcast below: […] More

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  • R Amazing! Facts - Dogs Smell Cancer

    Dog Smelling Cancer

    With smell 10,000 times more accurate than ours, dogs can pick out blood samples from people with cancer with almost 97 percent accuracy. Read more at and More

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  • Would you rathers

    Would you rathers

    There are so many real and difficult choices that have to make in life. So, at times, it can be fun to have to make some imaginary decisions with these amazing ‘Would you rather?’ questions. Here is our list of ‘Would you rather?’ questions. Is there one on the list which you feel should not […] More

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  • Doppelgangers R Amazing! - Child Book Character


    Apparently, 1 in 135 of us has an exact look-alike or doppelganger somewhere in the world. Here our list of Doppelgangers that may get you thinking. Do you like our list? If so mark the ones you like as ‘Hot’ and the ones that you are not so keen on as ‘Not’. Also, have we […] More

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  • Who would win a 100 meters race?

    Who Wins a 100 Meter Race?

    Currently, the 100 meters world records are; for men 9.58seconds held by Usain Bolt since 2009 and the women’s is 10.49 and has been held by the late great Florence Griffith-Joyner since 1988. For fun, we have put a list together of different fictional races. All you need to do is let us know who […] More

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  • R Amazing! Facts - Medical Errors

    Medical Errors

    According to researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Medical errors are the third-highest cause of death in the United States. In 2013, it totalled over 250,000. Read more at More

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  • Doctor Who

    ‘Who’ is your favourite?

    Doctor Who started in 1963 and since then there have been Thirteen reincarnations. The most recent is Jodie Whittaker, the first female Doctor. Our personal favourites are Tom Baker, Matt Smith and Sylvester McCoy. Do you agree? If not why do you think we have it wrong. Please upvote your favourites and downvote the Doctors […] More

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  • Tiger Tattoo


    We at R Amazing guess, that in the UK, more adults have tattoos than those who do not. In fact, so many now have them we may forget to appreciate the art and the work which went into creating them and the stories behind each tattoo. So let’s just take a moment to appreciate the […] More

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  • Explain Pain

    Books That Help Reduce Pain

    We take our comfort for granted and it is easy to see it as ordinary until we experience pain and discomfort. Then it has our attention and we really want to reduce the discomfort. This list of books shares some of the best at describing how that can be done. Please upvote the ones you […] More

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  • Sporting Bests

    Sporting Bests

    So this question is very subjective, but which of the below do you think is the best or will be the best when the dust settles when both have retired. Pick your favourite and if you wish, comment to explain why you picked the way you did. Also, have we got the two options wrong […] More

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  • Before or After Images?

    What do you think of these before and after images? Which do you prefer? Vote below to let us know what you think. Once complete please share on social media to let the world know what you really think. More

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  • People R Amazing!

    People R Amazing!

    Who do you think is truly amazing? 

    This list is an interactive list based on our book – People R Amazing! – Buy Now   Who is missing? Who should be on the list but is not? Is there someone on the list who you feel should not be? Please let us know who and why in the comments. Upvote your favourites, […] More

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  • Two Eyed or One Eyed People?

    Check out the work of Si Klopp Cosmetic Surgery, the world’s best fictional clinic. What follows are the many surgical successes of the patented ‘Cycloped’ Eye Reduction Surgery on people (see ‘cycloped’ animals here) as performed by two amazing cosmetic surgeons named Professor Simone Klopp and her assistant Dr Von Eyid. ***Update*** Si Klopp are […] More

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