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  • Weird uses of WD-40 - Unsticks piano keys.

    Weird uses of WD-40

    On the occasions, something is stuck or squeaky we may reach for our trusted can of WD-40, with a list of useful tasks this little product can do is really quite long. WD stands for Water Displacement and the 40 means it was the 40th attempt when they got this product just right. This list […] More

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  • Amazing Polar Bear Products - Fashion Poster

    Polar Bear Products

    Perfectly camouflaged in the snow it is easy to miss and not fully appreciate hypercarnivorous, Arctic Circle dwelling polar bears. This list of some favourite polar bear themed items aims to change this. Upvote the products you like and downvote the ones you are not so sure about. Also, do you agree with our list? […] More

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  • Octopus Fingers

    Octopus Products #2

    Some scientists believe that the octopus may be an animal from another planet because they can not find its branch on the evolutionary tree. This may be why people love this animal and want to have products that relate to them. Here is our list of some favourite octopus-themed items. Upvote the products you like […] More

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  • Plants R Amazing! Book

    Plants R Amazing!

    This list is an interactive list based on our book – Plants R Amazing! – Buy Now Plants R Amazing! shares how some of the most astounding information about plants. We couldn’t fit every amazing thing a plant can do into this little book and neither do we believe that our list can please everybody. […] More

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  • Astronaut Plant Pot

    Plant Pots

    Their very purpose is to show off the beautiful plants they hold, however, occasionally we can perhaps forget to pause to appreciate the amazing plant pots. This list of amazing plant pots aims to share some of the most quirky, odd and creative devices for holding plants. What do you think of our list? Have […] More

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  • Amazing Lunch Boxes - Samurai Bento Lunch Box

    Lunch Boxes

    It’s Lunch Time!

    Hungry and ready to eat we may grab our lunch box, open it and start eating our yummy food. All, perhaps, without a second thought for the container holding your lunch. This list of amazing lunch box designs aims to help change that by encouraging us to appreciate their design and to be thankful that […] More

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  • Amazing Pizza Cutters - Love-Kankei

    Pizza Cutters

    Having cooked or received your pizza and ready to get eating you may grab your pizza cutter knife, cut it and throw it in the sink or dishwasher and then start eating. All without a second thought for that little device that made eating your pizza so much easier. This list shares some of the […] More

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  • Amazing Oven Gloves - Grill Power

    Oven Gloves

    Hungry and ready to eat we may grab the oven gloves to take our food out of the oven, hang them back and never think of them again until we need to use them once again. This list of amazing oven glove designs aims to help change that by encouraging us to appreciate their design […] More

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  • Amazing Camera Toilet Roll Holder

    Toilet Roll Holders

    We nip to the toilet to have a number two when we finish we wipe our bottom and wash our hands and may never have another thought about the toilet roll holder that made that task so much easier. These designs aim to change that by encouraging us to pause and appreciate the amazing in […] More

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  • Towel Folders R Amazing! - Swans

    Towel Folders

    Fabric origami is amazing!

    Changing an object that is generally just seen as a practical way to get dry after a bath or shower, Towel Folders create art and bring happiness to many by simply taking a little time to fold towels in unique ways. Towel Folders R Amazing because they enable us to appreciate towels in a whole […] More

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  • Chairs R Amazing! - Rodnik Shark Chair


    We so often sit down and get up without a thought for the object which enables us to work, rest, read or watch TV. This list aims to change that by sharing amazing chairs with design and creativity that will help us appreciate them even when we are not using them for their purpose of […] More

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  • Suck UK Products R Amazing! - Teddy Bear Lamp

    Suck UK Products

    Objects that definitely don’t SUCK!

    Suck UK is a design & development company that creates giftable objects. Every product is designed in-house & manufactured with – it’s been that way since 1999. They only make objects that they would buy & objects the would give as a gift. This is the list of our favourite Suck UK products. Upvote the […] More

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  • Salt and Pepper Pots R Amazing! - Shark and Leg

    Salt and Pepper Pots

    Eating our food, we may reach for the salt and pepper pots. Sprinkle, Sprinkle – we then place them back without a second thought. This list shares some of the most amazing Salt and Pepper Pots that hopes to change that by helping you appreciate the design. Do you like our list? If so mark […] More

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  • Papertrophy Sculptures R Amazing! - Bear

    Papertrophy Sculptures

    Are pictures on the wall too boring for you?

    What is there that you cannot love about these Papertrophy Sculptures? They look great, with no plastic they are environmentally kind and no animals are killed to have the sculpture on the wall! This list of amazing Papertrophy Sculptures shares our favourites. What do you think of our list? Have we missed any amazing Papertrophy […] More

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  • Bee Related Products R Amazing! - Bee Rolling Pin

    Bee Related Products

    Bee-cause some of these are amazing!

    Without bees, humans would no longer be able to survive on earth. For this reason, we sometimes like to purchase products which are bee related. This is our list of some of favourite bee themed items. Upvote the products you like and downvote the ones you are not so sure about. Also, do you agree […] More

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  • Rocking Chairs R Amazing! - Cot and Chair Combo Rocking Chair

    Rocking Chairs

    A chair that can rock back and forth like a seesaw sounds amazing but what if that chair is designed in creative ways. So we created this list of amazing rocking chairs. Do you agree with our list? Have we missed any amazing rocking chairs from our list? Are there any on the list which […] More

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  • Bedroom Dilemmas R Amazing!

    Bedroom Dilemmas

    Using our bedroom almost every day we may forget the choices we had to make to get our sleep room exactly how we wanted it. Alternatively, you may be considering updating a bedroom in a house, this list could help you choose how to change it. Have we missed any dilemmas off our list? Are […] More

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  • Money Boxes R Amazing! - Classic Piggy Bank

    Money Boxes

    When we have spare change it can clog up our wallets or purses. The best solution, rather than wasting the coins on useless items, is to pop in them in a money box. Our list of amazing money boxes aims to help make saving coins more fun and inspiring. What do you think of our […] More

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  • Doormats R Amazing! - Moustache


    You arrive home, wipe your feet, enter the house and take your shoes off. You may not even notice the doormat or even think about it again. This list hopes to change that by giving you an appreciation of the great service this product offers. Do you agree with our list? Have we missed any […] More

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  • Kettles

    Fancy a cuppa?

    Feeling thirsty, you fill the kettle with water and flip the switch. Once it boils you pour the water into a mug, cup or teapot and then never have a second thought about the amazing device that created the boiling water. That is until the next time you fancy a brew. This list of amazing […] More

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  • Ironing Boards R Amazing! - Person Shape Ironing Board

    Ironing Boards

    For most, it has to be one of those jobs that is most disliked. With many wondering why, when human’s have explored space and visited the moon, the ironing machine has not been invented yet! Until such a time this list of creative and unique ironing boards will have to do to help appreciate a […] More

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  • Nesting Dolls R Amazing!

    Nesting Dolls

    Getting smaller and smaller…

    …like peeling skins off an onion, nesting dolls can be great fun for both children and adults because they are much less likely to make you cry. This is our list of nesting dolls. Have we missed any nesting dolls from our list? Are there any on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Let […] More

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  • Bins R Amazing!


    How many times do we just toss the rubbish in the bin without stopping to appreciate the object that is holding it for us? Quite often, I would guess. This list hopes to change that by sharing interesting and quirky bin designs that may stop you in your tracks. What do you think of our […] More

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  • Spaghetti Monster Colander


    We have boiled some pasta or vegetables. We strain the water away, chuck the strainer in the sink and tuck in to enjoy our the food. We may never have considered the colander that enabled our food to reach the table and more importantly our mouth and stomach. All so we can have energy to […] More

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  • Picture Frames

    We have something we think is so good that we would like to pop it on our wall and share it with the world. But let’s stop to just appreciate the forgotten frames that hold the creations in place. This list shares some frames that we think will make it easier to remember them and […] More

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  • Tissue Dispensers

    We have a runny nose, not the sort Sam had in Doorknob for a Nose, but the sort that drips. We reach for a tissue, blow our nose and once we have finished and popped it in the bin, we may not have a second thought about the tissue and where it came from. We […] More

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  • Kids Beds R Amazing

    Kids Beds

    Let’s be honest, most beds are purely functional…

    …but when it comes to children’s beds’ things get a little bit more, well, AMAZING! SO! check out our list of kids beds and let us know the ones you like by upvoting and the ones you don’t by downvoting. Have we missed any children’s beds on our list that you feel should be on […] More

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  • Doorknobs

    To be more accurate, it is door furniture, but we love the word doorknob because we created a really quirky book about a child who has a ‘Doorknob for a Nose‘ and we love the word. So which piece of door furniture do you like best? Upvote the ones you love and downvote the ones […] More

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  • Trending


    Let’s cut to the chase

    Scissors like so many items are functional and just there when we need them, but if we look at some of the designs out there, they can be seen as amazing! This is our list of amazing scissors, do you agree with it? Have we missed a design of scissors that you think are amazing? […] More

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  • Fun Clocks

    Most days we have to be somewhere at a certain time.

    So clocks are functional and helpful but aren’t they better when they look good too? We have created a list of our favourite clocks. Upvote the ones you like and would use and downlike the one you don’t like. Comment and let us know if we have missed any cool and fun clocks from our […] More

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  • Cavallini Posters

    We love their style! Do you?

    These posters have such an amazing style to them that they can make things that may normally be boring and turn them into an image that we may wish to put on a wall in our homes or work. Images like cheese, dandelions and eye charts. In our opinion, Cavallini posters have such a beautiful […] More

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  • Unique Lamps

    Which ones light up your day?

    Lamps bring light into our lives, some more than others though. Upvote the one you like or would purchase and downvote the ones you don’t like. Our favourites are the Basketball Lamp and the Humorous Human Lamp. Do you agree? Let us know what you think. Have we left a lamp off that you think […] More

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  • Plane Engine

    Creative Tables

    Tables are something most of us use every day. They are functional and sometimes we forget to appreciate what they do for us, that is until we see a unique design. With this in mind mark the ones you appreciate or would like to own as ‘HOT’ and the ones you would never consider or […] More

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  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Accidents happen and our houses get untidy.

    So from time to time, we will need to use a vacuum cleaner even if we don’t really want to. At somebody else’s house, you reach for the vacuum cleaner and you see one of the ones listed below. What is your reaction? If it is positive, please upvote else downvote. Then let the world […] More

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  • Quotes That Can Help Us Heal

    Helping You Think About Healing In A New Way!

    Which quote resonates with you and helps you feel more positive? Upvote your favourites, downvote the ones you don’t like and share it to let the world know what you really think. More

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