Check out below some of the most amazing kitchen related posts we have to offer.

  • David Bowie Amazing Tea Towel

    Tea Towels

    Having eaten our food and washing up the plates and cutlery we may need to dry them. We may grab and use a tea towel without fully appreciating how it helps us to speed up the drying and putting away process. This list of amazing Tea Towel designs aims to help change that by encouraging […] More

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  • Amazing Pizza Cutters - Love-Kankei

    Pizza Cutters

    Having cooked or received your pizza and ready to get eating you may grab your pizza cutter knife, cut it and throw it in the sink or dishwasher and then start eating. All without a second thought for that little device that made eating your pizza so much easier. This list shares some of the […] More

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  • Amazing Oven Gloves - Grill Power

    Oven Gloves

    Hungry and ready to eat we may grab the oven gloves to take our food out of the oven, hang them back and never think of them again until we need to use them once again. This list of amazing oven glove designs aims to help change that by encouraging us to appreciate their design […] More

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  • Kitchen Dilemmas R Amazing!

    Kitchen Dilemmas

    Using our kitchen every day we may forget the choices that make this important room in any house. Have we missed any dilemmas off our list? Are there any on this list which you feel should not be? What are your views on each of your choices? Let us know, we love to hear your […] More

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  • Egg Cups R Amazing! - Sumo Egg Cup

    Egg Cups

    How ‘Cracking’ are these?

    Enjoying eating and dunking our soldiers into our boiled eggs we may forget the little egg cup container holding the egg. This list of amazing egg cups designs aims to help change that by encouraging us all to appreciate the egg cups even when we are not using them! What do you think of our […] More

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  • Cheese Graters R Amazing! - Koziol Hedgehog

    Cheese Graters

    How ‘grate’ are these?

    Needing grated cheese on your pasta or toast you reach for the cheese grater and grate away. Finishing your task you pop the cheese grater into the wash and may never think of it again until you need it next time. This list of amazing cheese graters aims to help change that by encouraging you […] More

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  • Nutcrackers R Amazing! - Robot Nutcracker


    Will you go crackers for this list?

    As a means to an end, you only really appreciate how useful and amazing nutcrackers are when you don’t have a pair available to enable you to get into the shelled nuts you so desperately want to eat. This list of amazing nutcrackers aims to help change that by encouraging you to love them even […] More

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  • Citrus Squeezers R Amazing! - Mandarin

    Citrus Squeezers

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade This optimistic quote is often used to help develop a can-do attitude in the face of adversity. However, before you can make the Lemonade you will need to squeeze the lemons. This list aims to help you select a favourite Citrus Squeezer to complete the task. What do […] More

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  • Mugs R Amazing! - Hugging


    Making a cup of tea or coffee, we grab our favourite mug and enjoy our hot drink. Becoming such a habit we may forget to appreciate the container that is holding our hot drink. This post aims to change that by sharing a list of mugs that we think are amazing! Do you agree with […] More

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  • Kettles

    Fancy a cuppa?

    Feeling thirsty, you fill the kettle with water and flip the switch. Once it boils you pour the water into a mug, cup or teapot and then never have a second thought about the amazing device that created the boiling water. That is until the next time you fancy a brew. This list of amazing […] More

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  • Bins R Amazing!


    How many times do we just toss the rubbish in the bin without stopping to appreciate the object that is holding it for us? Quite often, I would guess. This list hopes to change that by sharing interesting and quirky bin designs that may stop you in your tracks. What do you think of our […] More

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  • Egg Shapers

    Crack! Crack! Goes the eggs. Then boil or fry them and eat. But before you do, let’s just pause and appreciate where they came from and how we can prepare them in fun shapes. Upvote the ones you like and downvote the ones you are not so keen on. Share your thoughts and views in […] More

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  • Spaghetti Monster Colander


    We have boiled some pasta or vegetables. We strain the water away, chuck the strainer in the sink and tuck in to enjoy our the food. We may never have considered the colander that enabled our food to reach the table and more importantly our mouth and stomach. All so we can have energy to […] More

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  • Lego Ice Cube Trays

    Ice Trays

    Fancying a nice cool drink…

    …you throw some ice cubes in a glass, you either drink your drink straight down or nurse it through an interesting conversation. Either way, we may not have much thought for the ice keeping our drink cool. Though that may change with these unique and creative ice trays that help us stop and appreciate the […] More

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  • Terrorist Tea Pot


    I’ll pop the kettle on, Do you fancy a brew?

    Is something we hear many times in the UK and then out comes the teapot without much thought for how amazing this little device is. It must have solved so many issues and problems that it’s existence must have changed the world for the better. So let us stop just for a moment to appreciate […] More

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  • Tea Infusers

    Pop the kettle on!

    In Britain whenever there is a problem, we say I’ll pop the kettle on and make a brew. A cup of tea has solved many problems. The only issue this post aims to solve is which Tea Infuser you like or do not like. Do prefer the gimmicky ones or the purely functional designs? Have […] More

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  • Scissors

    Let’s cut to the chase

    Scissors like so many items are functional and just there when we need them, but if we look at some of the designs out there, they can be seen as amazing! This is our list of amazing scissors, do you agree with it? Have we missed a design of scissors that you think are amazing? […] More

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