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  • Inspirational Sports Books - Sportopedia

    Inspirational Sports Books

    Looking to try a new sport?

    If so, have a look at this list of inspirational sports books. Do you agree that our list of books about sports which are inspirational? Are there any books on our list which you feel shouldn’t be? Have we missed any inspirational sports books that you feel should be on this list? Let us know […] More

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  • Hobby Horses R Amazing! - Brown with reigns


    Hobby Horses

    Sometimes our environment and circumstances may not enable us to have a real horse for the family. The next best alternative could be a hobby horse, especially when you consider the lastest Finnish sport craze of hobby horsing. This is our list of hobby horses. Upvote the ones you like and downvote the ones you […] More

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  • R Amazing Facts - Dassler Brothers

    The Dassler Brothers

    The Dassler Brothers, Adi and Rudolf had a shoe company called Geda. When they fell out, Adi Dassler created Adidas and Rudolf Dassler created Puma. Read More: Learn more: I would even go on to say that the Dassler Brother’s rivalry inspired the following chocolate bar advert from 2015: More

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  • Jasmin Paris Quotes R Amazing!


    Jasmin Paris Quotes

    A truly inspirational lady

    Born in 1983, Jasmin Paris is an ultra runner who, in 2019, made an international name for herself when she won the 268 mile Spine Race in the UK. She beat all the other competitors, including the men, and set a course record of 83 hours and 12 minutes and 23 seconds. That in itself […] More

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  • Sporting Bests

    Sporting Bests

    So this question is very subjective, but which of the below do you think is the best or will be the best when the dust settles when both have retired. Pick your favourite and if you wish, comment to explain why you picked the way you did. Also, have we got the two options wrong […] More

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  • Muhammad Ali Quotes R Amazing!

    Muhammad Ali Quotes

    Larger than life, Muhammad Ali was first famous for his boxing, celebrated for his style and witty pre-fight talk. His other causes, such as social and political campaigning transformed him into one of the most iconic stars on the planet. If you like Ali’s quotes you will love the Men Who R Amazing Book in […] More

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  • Pele Quotes R Amazing!

    Pele Quotes

    During the 1958 World Cup, the 17-year-old Pele scored a staggering 6 goals leading the Brazilian National Team to victory. Things weren’t always good for Pele; he grew up in poverty. To help his family financially he used to polish shoes. If you like Pele’s quotes you will love the Men Who R Amazing Book […] More

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  • Matt Stutzman Quotes R Amazing!

    Matt Stutzman Quotes

    Matt Stutzman was born without arms – just stumps at the shoulders – but there is nothing he cannot do. He holds a world record for the most accurate distance shot in archery, which includes able-bodied archers. If you like Matt’s quotes you will love the Men Who R Amazing Book in which he appears. Which […] More

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  • Bruce Lee Quotes R Amazing!

    Bruce Lee Quotes

    Bruce was known as the most famous martial artist of the 21st century, he was also an actor, filmmaker and revolutionary thinker. If you like Bruce Lee’s quotes you will love the Men Who R Amazing Book in which he appears. Which quotes do you like and which ones are you not quite so sure […] More

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  • Roger Bannister Quotes R Amazing!

    Roger Bannister Quotes

    In 1954, Roger Bannister, a 25-year-old British medical student, made history by becoming the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes. If you like Roger Bannister’s quotes you will love the Men Who R Amazing Book in which he appears. More

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  • Paula Radcliffe Quotes R Amazing!

    Paula Radcliffe Quotes

    Paula Radcliffe is a former world champion in the marathon, half marathon and cross country. In 2003 Paula Radcliffe became the fastest women’s marathon runner ever. With a world record time of 2 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds. If you like Paula’s quotes you will love the Women Who R Amazing Book in which she […] More

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