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  • How Honeybee Venom Can Help Beat Breast Cancer

    Honeybee Venom Can Help Beat Breast Cancer

    Who knew that one day the honeybee would have such a significant impact on breast cancer research? Scientists have recently found that the venom from these cute little creatures can destroy breast cancer cells. Dr. Ciara Duffy and her colleagues from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research tested the toxin on the clinical subtypes […] More

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  • The Amazing Beehaus Beehive

    Planned Beehives

    Most beehives look the same but you want to help save the bees and ultimately the planet because as we know, no bees mean no humans. This list aims to change that by sharing amazing beehives that’s design and creativity will enable us to not only appreciate bees but also the place they call home. […] More

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  • Japanese Bees vs a Giant Hornet

    source The giant hornet has one terrible weakness – it cannot stand heat. After millions of years facing their enemy, the bees use this to their advantage. More

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  • Bees most important living beings

    Bees Are The Most Important Living Beings On Earth

    The 2008 meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London saw a conclusion be the Earthwatch Institute that I’d consider tremendous in stature. Bees were declared the most important living beings on this planet and this is a critical step, considering that they’re on the endangered species long list, with a population decline of 90 […] More

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  • Undertaker bees

    How ‘undertaker’ bees recognize dead comrades

    They’re the undertakers of the bee world: a class of workers that scours hives for dead comrades, finding them in the dark in as little as 30 minutes, despite the fact that the deceased haven’t begun to give off the typical odours of decay. A new study may reveal how they do it. “The task […] More

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  • Bee Related Products R Amazing! - Bee Rolling Pin

    Bee Related Products

    Bee-cause some of these are amazing!

    Without bees, humans would no longer be able to survive on earth. For this reason, we sometimes like to purchase products which are bee related. This is our list of some of favourite bee themed items. Upvote the products you like and downvote the ones you are not so sure about. Also, do you agree […] More

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  • Amazing Colourful Wild Beehive in a Tree

    Wild Beehives

    Walking through the woods we may not notice wild beehives around due to all the other experiences going on, but wild beehives are there. This list aims to change that by sharing amazing wild beehives that would help us to stop and look for these the wonderments of nature. Do you like our list? If […] More

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  • Books About Bees R Amazing! - The Book of Bees

    Books about Bees

    Learn more about these amazing insects

    Do you agree with our list of books about bees? Are there any books on our list which you feel shouldn’t be? Have we missed any bee books that you feel should be on this list? Let us know by sharing your views and opinions by commenting below, we really do love to hear your […] More

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  • Bees The Most Important Living Beings

    The Bee, Declared The Most Important Living Being On The Planet

    On a recent debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, the Earthwatch Institute concluded that the bees are the most important living creatures in the whole world. The audience has heard five scientists who battled it out for primates, plankton, bats, fungi and bees. All of the species are invaluable for our planet’s ecosystem, […] More

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