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  • Great White Sharks R Amazing!

    Medical breakthroughs inspired by animals

    The medical breakthroughs inspired by animal magic: A pain-free jab modelled on a mosquito, bacteria-proof materials inspired by shark skin, and how mussels are helping doctors perform life-saving surgery. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a glue that mimics the natural adhesive made by barnacles to help wounds heal more quickly, it […] More

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  • Octopus Fingers

    Octopus Products #2

    Some scientists believe that the octopus may be an animal from another planet because they can not find its branch on the evolutionary tree. This may be why people love this animal and want to have products that relate to them. Here is our list of some favourite octopus-themed items. Upvote the products you like […] More

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  • Animals R Amazing! - Rhinos


    Mother nature imagination is amazing

    This list encourages us to stop and appreciate that the animals that already around us are truly amazing. G.K. Chesterton stated: It is one thing to describe an interview with a gorgon or a griffin, a creature who does not exist. It is another thing to discover that the rhinoceros does exist and then take […] More

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