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  • Slippers R Amazing! - Snail Plush Slippers


    Perfect for moving around the house and keeping the outside dirt from messing up your home. We may get so used to flinging off our shoes at the end of a long day and putting on our trusty old slippers, that we may forget to appreciate how great slippers are keeping our house tidy and […] More

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  • Fun Face Socks with Mouth on the Heal

    Fun Socks

    Waking up, have a wash, throw our socks on our feet and then chuck our shoes on. We may not even have a second thought about our socks until we take them off in the evening. Our list of fun socks may change that. Have we missed any socks from our list? Are there any […] More

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  • Funny T-Shirts

    Today we saw a t-shirt that made us chuckle. Here are some others that we would love to know what you think. So do you think are they Hot or Not? More

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