Check out some of the most amazing word related posts we have to offer.

  • Genes and Jeans Homophone


    We love homophones, a homophone is a word that sounds or is pronounced the same as another word but has a different meaning. Bruce Worden on his Homophones, Weakly blog helped to explain what each word means. We have picked which ones we think are the best. Do you agree with the list of homophones? […] More

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  • Leaves are now called Tree Feathers - New Names By Kids

    Kids’ names for things

    Kids can be hilarious! We love it when they come up with new words to describe an object. Do you agree and like this list of kids’ names for things? Are there any items on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Have we missed any kids’ names for things you feel should be on […] More

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  • A man, a plan, a canal: Panama - Palindrome Sentence

    Palindrome Sentences

    We love palindrome sentences, a palindrome is either a word or sentence that read the same if read forwards (left to right) or backwards (right to left). Our only disappointment is with the person who chose to name them ‘palindrome’! Why oh why didn’t they choose a word that read the same both forward and […] More

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  • ill Word As Image by Ji Lee


    Words as Images

    Ji Lee is a creative director at Facebook who creates really quite inspiring personal graphic projects. Projects like Word as Image, that shares clever typography which depicts a word as an image. Do you agree with our list of Ji Lee’s best words as images? Are there any items on the list which you feel […] More

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  • Disney Logo Mash-up - Wella Logo as Pocahontas Movie

    Disney Logo Mash-up

    Modesto García has cleverly adapted well-known logos into equally well-known Disney movies. It really is quite inspiring. Mark the ones you like as ‘Hot’ and those you don’t like as much as ‘Not’. Our ‘HOT’ favourite is the Robin Hood and Pocahontas logo adaptation. It is so creative! Then don’t forget to share with the […] More

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  • R Amazing - Logo Mash-Up

    Logo Mash-Ups

    Brands are a major part of our daily life that we don’t always stop to appreciate the effect they can have on us. That is until the people at played and swapped the words of rival brands to see how it changes how we feel about the logo. Below are their logo mash-ups and […] More

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