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  • Amazing Microscopic Images - Fly

    Microscopic Images

    Occasionally seeing the ‘big picture’ is the way to go, other times ‘the devil’s in the detail’ and that’s the case with these amazing microscopic images. Do you agree with our list of Microscopic Images? Are there any items on the list which you feel shouldn’t be? Have we missed microscopic images that you feel […] More

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  • Games Consoles

    Which ones do you like?

    Technology develops at such a fast pace but that does not necessarily mean that the most modern console is the best. So we have compiled this list to discover which games consoles you think are best. What do you think of our list? Have we missed any amazing games consoles from our list? Are there […] More

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  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum

    Retro Computers

    Computers and technology are such a part of our lives now that we may forget how much appreciated the early fore-runners to our digital lives today. Our list retro computers hope to change that. Mark the ones you like as ‘HOT’ and the ones you are not so keen on as ‘NOT’. We love to […] More

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  • Vacuum Cleaners

    Accidents happen and our houses get untidy.

    So from time to time, we will need to use a vacuum cleaner even if we don’t really want to. At somebody else’s house, you reach for the vacuum cleaner and you see one of the ones listed below. What is your reaction? If it is positive, please upvote else downvote. Then let the world […] More

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  • Hand Dryers

    Only some seem to be useful!

    You have just used a public toilet and washed your hands. Now as you look to dry your hands you see one of the devices below. Upvote the ones you look at with relief and downvote the ones you think I am probably going to end up drying my hands on my clothes. Don’t forget […] More

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