I’ll pop the kettle on, Do you fancy a brew?

Is something we hear many times in the UK and then out comes the teapot without much thought for how amazing this little device is. It must have solved so many issues and problems that it’s existence must have changed the world for the better.

So let us stop just for a moment to appreciate the everyday ordinary by upvoting the teapots you like and downvoting the ones you are not so keen on.

Have we missed any off our list that you feel should be on it? Is there one that you feel should be on our list. Let us know, we love to hear your views and comments.

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#1 Terrorist Tea Pot

Tea Cosy (American English; tea cozy) - a cover for a teapot, traditionally made of cloth or wool, used to keep the tea warm while it brews. Tea cosies may be embroidered; perhaps to complement a fine set of china. The traditional British handknitted cosy tends to resemble a woollen hat, often featuring a bobble on top.

#4 Clear Glass Teapot in Apple Shape

The tea pot has an infuser placed within the teapot itself. This provides a convenient way to steep the tea without having to worry about sediment floating around, or having to use multiple tea ball infusers for a single pot. This tea maker is suitable for flower tea and leaf tea. The teapot can easily be used in the microwave (with the strainer removed) or on a stove for your convenience, allowing you to forgo the process of heating the water separately.

#9 Handle With Care Teapot

Richard Hutten's Handle With Care is a modern update of the traditional Chinese teapot. Instead of the original cast iron, the teapot is made more contemporary by manufacturing it in porcelain. The robust red handle, which references the handle of a hand iron, helps handle the hot tea with care.

#11 One-Push Filter Teapot

The MacMa One-Push Filter Teapot is a compact, stylish-looking glass teapot with a superbly effective filtering function. Simply pour in your hot water into the pot and let the tea leaves or coffee brew inside the infuser. When the brew is ready, just press the button on the top to strain the water out into the pot below. Then pour into your cup and drink!

#13 Palma Cast Iron Teapot

Designed by Jasper Morrison for the Oigen foundry which has been producing Nambu ironware for decades.

Created in the finest Japanese tradition, and cast in a fine grain sand, the ironware has a renowned smooth and unblemished surface. If cared for properly Oigen ironware can last over 100 years.

#15 Edge Teapot

Enjoy your tea from Edge Teapot designed in beautiful terracotta.

The outside has kept its original matt finish, while the inside is glazed to ensure a sturdy and water-resistant surface.

The Edge series is inspired by an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship, which is reflected in the amphora inspired foot. The wooden handle and small brass elements contrast nicely with the red-brown terracotta.

#17 Tea for Two

Tea for Two is all doubled up and easy to share.

The twinned handles and spouts allow this funky teapot to be held from any angle with the right or the left hand. Place the teapot between you and your loved one so either of you can pour tea without even having to ask.

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